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Links By George ~November 7th

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Lots of articles covered this week including the global Occupy movements, the Greek euro crisis, Libya perspectives, more civilians killed by US drones, psychedelic therapy, Mayan commentary, shamanic portals, cannabis cure for cancer, archived Bill Graham and Frank Zappa interviews, a wide variety of music videos, environmental challenges and progressive news, health news,political, economic and conspiracies and quotes.
Jonathon Earl Bowser is my highlight of visionary artist this month, so check out his work in my new art section.





Evolver Intensive Live Course:
November 30th
Living Sacred Economies; Money, Gift and Transition
Over six sessions, Charles Eisenstein will help us explore how the transformation
of money mirrors a shift in our own psychology, and the way we relate to the world.
The intentions of this course are to help us understand the changes happening today
in the money system and beyond, to empower us as active change agents,
and to help us live that change ourselves.
Click here to register.

The Jungle Prescription
- CBC, November 10th

5th Annual Mystic Island Festival
-Jan 26 to 30,2012


Psychedelic research returns

If you could improve your personality with a hallucinogenic drug, would you?

Psilocybin at the End of Life:
A Doorway to Peace
by Stephen Ross, MD

Roberto Velez has produced a new documentary on Ayahuasca called Stepping into the Fire which I recommend for many reasons. It is not only a clear presentation of the main aspects of spiritual and physical healing, but it also presents a unique and candid view of the personal transformations with the medicine offers. Roberto was a high level stock broker in New York dealing with many personal challenges in his life. His experience with Ayahuasca literally turned his life around and in this film we see how the process eventually leads him to a completely different lifestyle where he has created a center in the Amazon for anyone that wants to come and be in a safe space for healing as well. "Stepping into the Fire" can be viewed in some respect as a love story. The love Ayahuasca carries in helping humanity as well as Roberto's love to bring anyone in need of healing a closer access to this wonderful medicine.
Is Ayahuasca a Medicine?

Shimbre Shamanic Center is the holistic healing center which Roberto Valez
has established in the Amazon as shown in the Stepping Into The Fire

The Spirit Molecule:
the movie. Now this wonderful film inspired by Rick Strassman's work available

Ayahuasca story in New Scientist
Drug hallucinations look real in the brain

Seeing with eyes wide shut:
Ayahuasca inner visions

Our friend Dr. Robin Tekwelus Youngblood's excellent site Dreaming Shaman

A Good Day to Die
-The plight of Native Americans

A Heartfelt Message to My Internet Friends
by Xielolixii

Wisdom Keeper of the Month:
Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf


The Ninth Wave
– Last Year of the Mayan Calendar

Philosopher Gregory Sams on The Moore Show discussing "Sun of God"
and also the Chaos Theory

Seven Pillars:
House of Wisdom

Global Meditation

Don't Diss The Drum Circles: Why Hippie Culture Is Still Important to Our Protests

Timothy Leary on the Wall Street Occupation Movement

Andrew Weil's 1963 Report on Harvard's Firing of Richard Alpert

The Green Earth Foundation:
is an educational and research organization dedicated to the healing and
harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth

Raven's Bread:
An extraordinary exhibition of the ubiquitous Amanita muscaria

Another mushroom house

Hemp Warrior:
Marijuana Activist Dana Beal Had a Heart Attack, Died,
Came Back, and Beat His Pot Rap

Grass in The Bible

A Cannabis Story
(A film by David Triplett)

How Hemp Got High:
Cannabis Genome Mapped

Why harmony pleases the brain

Real Time With Bill Maher
- New Rules on Drugs 10/28/2011

Trucker Shoots Self Before Roadside Pot Bust


Jonathon Earl Bowser is my highlight of visionary artist this month,
Check out my latest art entry below.

The Sensorium Project

Occupy the Silver Screen?
10 Films to Get You Ready to Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Your Mind:
An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

Oh sweet India by Nigel Bradford

Hare Krishna 1967

Psychedelic Poster Pioneer Wes Wilson on The Beatles,
Doors, and His Breach With Bill Graham

Day at Night:
Bill Graham

*Marty Balin
- David Crosby, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady,
- 2400 Fulton Street*

Interview of Lee Underwood about Tim Buckley

Shawn Phillips: Ignored Talent

Zappa Interview Today Show 1993

Jesse Colin Young
- Walking Off Johnny Carson (5 of 10)

Shawn Phillips appears on "Sunday Night with Dennis Trudeau" Canadian TV in 1996,

Lib at Large:
'Dead Letters' highlights the Grateful Dead's mind-blowing fan mail

The Rose

The Universe is Singing a Song

Hare Krishna 1967


Tepco Detects Nuclear Fission at Fukushima Dai-Ichi Station

Greenhouse Gases Higher Than Worst Case Scenario

Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet

China the culprit of potential water wars?

"Stage Two" of the BP Gulf of Mexico Environmental Disaster New
Drilling Permits amid 28,000 Unmonitored Abandoned Wells

Worst Food Additive Ever?
It's in Half of All Foods We Eat and Its Production Destroys
Rainforests and Enslaves Children

Freedom Food:
The Organic Farmers Who Took on the Italian Mafia

Native Protesters Celebrate Law Canceling Rainforest Road

- How to garden with little water and little effort

Right Livelihood Award 2011:
"This year's winners of the 'alternative Nobel Prize' were three individuals and
one organisation - honoured for their work on practical solutions to the great
challenges of our time"

Wiser Earth:
A global village for sharing and kinship-building among change makers around the world.

Eyes of Gaia:
Looks at what we can all do to help support the Earth.

Garbage Warrior

Solar Power Prices Falling Quickly, Cheaper Than The Grid By 2015 in Places

A New Approach to Solar Power


Near-death experience 'all in the mind'

Quantum Levitation or How The F Do Magnets Work

Nicotine as a Gateway Drug:
Biological Mechanism in Mice Identified


Dr Leo Robello's website:
Health and Wisdom

Jordan Rubin on TBN for Beyond Organic
A large portion of the content inthis letter regards meats, but if you are a health conscious person who does not eat meat, please notethis also concerns raw cheese, cultured dairy drinks, pure water, probiotic chocolate and probiotic flax oil."

We're Not Buying It:
Stop junk food marketing to kids

Confessions of a former Big Food executive

Dr. Shiv Chopra on rBGH
''The Cancer Time Bomb Sitting in Your Refrigerator
- Will You Stop Consuming It? ''

The Dark Truth About the "Wonder Drug" Millions Swear By -Statins

Dollars for Docs
- How Industry Dollars Reach Your Doctors

UN Pushes to Vaccinate for Cholera in Haiti, Not Provide Clean Water

Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher
- Herd Immunity

Powerful Profile of a Flu Vaccine Victim

Profile of a Pertussis Vaccine Injury

Feds continue to ignore mounting Gardasil body count

'My headache's about to explode':
U.S. girls just dropping dead Unearthed documents reveal new deaths from 'mandated'

Child Have ADHD?
Stop Feeding Them This -Gluten

Is AIDS Caused by a Vitamin Deficiency?

Scientists find vitamin D crucial in human immune response to tuberculosis

Carole Baggerly Discusses Vitamin D Dosage
The Vitamin that is Better than Fluoride in Reducing Cavities

An Important Message from Toxic Teeth dot org and Charlie Brown!
"Dental Breakthrough - May Save Thousands of Lives "

''Forget Antibiotics, Steroids and Medication - Starve This Toxin out of Your Body''
Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher (IOM)

The raw milk martyr

Study: Most Cell Users Exposed To Alarming Radiation Levels

Paul Nilson:
better health through eating a raw food diet

Love, Joy and Your Health

Extract documentary "how to grow old healthy" with Fauja Singh, marathon 2011

100-year-old marathoner finishes race

Manliness in a Can? Dr. Pepper's New Soda Is a Laugh

What Happens When the Woman Wants Sex Way More Than the Man?
How Unfair Sex Stereotypes Strain Relationships


16 Things Libya Will Never See Again

The New Libya:
Assassination, Ruination, Broken Promises and Body Snatching...

A Brutal, Gratuitous Slaying, the New World Order in All Its Transparent Barbarism.
By Rick Rozoff

Gaddafi's Body is Latest War Trophy for Misrata.
By Barry Malone
Warning - Graphic Images Muammar Gaddafi's body, bloodied and half-naked
on a filthy mattress in a meat locker, is the latest spoil of war hauled back to Misrata.

Gaddafi Tortured, Then Shot by Libyan Rebels: 'I Killed Muammar Gaddafi'
By Ahlul Bayt News Agency
"I fired two bullets at him, one hit under his armpit, the other his head. He did not die immediately. It took him half an hour," he said.

Gaddafi Sodomized By NATO Supported Rebels

"Civilizations" Barbarity:Gaddafi's Grisly Death Raises Questions
By Andrew Gilligan, Sirte
In Benghazi, on the main square where it all started, they were slaughtering camels in celebration. - They daubed their hands in the camel-blood, and gave the V-for-victory sign with dripping fingers.

Fidel Castro calls NATO "brutal" for Libya role.
By Reuters
That brutal military alliance has become the most perfidious instrument of
repression that has known the history of mankind

Neocolonial Scramble for Africa.
By John Cherian

The demand for a permanent American military footprint on the African continent
had come from right-wing think tanks that enjoyed great clout in the corridors of
power during the eight years of the Bush presidency.

European Poll:
Israel Biggest Threat To World Peace
By Jewish Federations of North America
Results of a new poll commissioned by the European Commission show that
Israel is believed by Europeans in 15 countries to be the greatest threat to world
peace, greater than North Korea, Iran or Afghanistan.

Sole Military Super-Bloc:
NATO Issues Daily Reprieves To The World

Should Greece reject the bailout?

Greece's Choice, and Ours: Democracy or Finance?

US and Europe Enraged Over Greek Democratic Referendum.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Greek referendum - if it is not overtaken by a collapse of the government first
- has left officials in Paris, Berlin, and Brussels speechless with rage.
The ingratitude of them.

Greek Government on Brink of Collapse Over Debt Crisis

Austerity Measures Responsible For Athens' 'New Poor'.
By Apostolis Fotiadis
The homeless have multiplied and, despite the approaching winter chill,
have gathered en masse in central squares around the country.

Europe Needs a Green New Deal Instead of Austerity

“Ninos Rabados”:
Spain’s Stolen Children

Depression, Revolt and Recovery Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses

China-US Energy Geopolitics:
The Battle for Oil in the South China Sea
By Michel Chossudovsky

Turkey Earthquake:
Death Toll Rises to 603, Blind Locksmith Found Under Rubble

Julian Assange Loses Appeal Against Extradition

Return Of The Burning Times



How Did ''Our'' Oil Get Under Their Sand?

America’s Death Pornography Culture:
Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam
By Wayne Madsen

Awash In Spin
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

New York's Largest Foreclosure Firm Mocked
Downtrodden Homeowners at Halloween Party

The Secret of Oz
- Winner, Best Doco of 2010 v.1.09.11
Excellent Video about money system

Let Them Eat Cake:
10 Examples Of How The Elite Are Savagely Mocking The Poor

5 Places Where the Rich Got Richer
-- Mostly on the Government's Dime

4 Simple Steps for Taking Your Money Out of the Vampire Banks

Make A Stand (Occupy Wall St)
-you tube

''What Happened When I Tried to Get Some Answers
About the Creepy NYPD Watchtower Monitoring OWS''

Occupy Updates:
Chemical Bomb Thrown at Maine Encampment, "We Are the 1%" Parody, Sean Lennon Sings Madonna at OWS, Campers Shore Up on Sleeping Bags

Occupy Oakland Raided by Police,
Reports of Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets

Oakland Police Assault On Occupy Oakland
Seriously Injures Marine Corps Iraq Veteran

Occupy Oakland:
police fire teargas and baton rounds at protesters

Oakland Police Imitate Gaddafi and Torture Occupy Demonstrators

San Diego Police Attack Occupy Demonstrators
– Tourists AVOID SAN DIEGO!!!

Throw Them Out With the Trash.
Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue.
By Barbara Ehrenreich
It is illegal, in other words, to be homeless or live outdoors for any other reason.
It should be noted, though, that there are no laws requiring cities to provide food,
shelter, or restrooms for their indigent citizens.

Alan Grayson (High Quality Version):
Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?


Time's Up!
Energy Bike Powers Occupy Wall Street

Pipeline protesters encircle the White House

Noam Chomsky | Occupy the World

Can Revolutionary Pacifism Deliver Peace?

In Defense of Hippies

Now with John Perkins

Totally Corrupt America.
By Paul Craig Roberts
Totally innocent people are held indefinitely and tortured by the US government
for no other reason than to convince the gullible public that they are endangered
by terrorists.

CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Beastiality

Dispatches from the Field:
Prisoners - America’s New Cash Crop

15% of U.S. Uses Food Stamps:
Food Stamps And The End Of The American Empire.
By Gregor MacDonald
Today, national figures for the SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)
were released and, once again, hit a new record.

Congress may cut aid to poor as food prices soar

Western Democracy:
A Farce And A Sham.
By Paul Craig Roberts
Western "civilization" is totally corrupted by American money. There is no
integrity anywhere. For a decade Washington has been murdering women,
children, village elders, and journalists in the name of the hoax "war on terror."

George Carlin's Greatest Moment

The Fascist States Of America Jesse Ventura:
'I Will Never Stand For The National Anthem Again.
'By Tom Scheck"
I will not be treated like a criminal," Ventura said.
"In our airports today, we citizens are treated like criminals.
We're guilty until we're proven innocent."

Must Read!
The Global Ruling Elite Plan for a New World Order

Chris Hedges Arrested in Front of Goldman Sachs
By Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges made this statement in New York City's Zuccotti Park on
Thursday morning during the People's Hearing on Goldman Sachs, which
he chaired with Dr. Cornel West.

The Murdochs Are Lying Liars

Alternative news source:
Issues and Alibis

Anti-Empire Report,
November 1, 2011

Murder as Instrument of Foreign Policy.
By Liaquat Ali Khan
The legitimization of extra-judicial killing is a disturbing development in
international law as other nations are certain to follow suit.


U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

US Kills 44 People in 3 Countries By MP/JR
44 people have been killed in separate US assassination drone strikes
in Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen in a single day.

US Kills Over 120 People In 2 Days.
By Press TV
At least 127 people have been killed in separate US assassination drone
strikes in Somalia and Pakistan's northwestern tribal region bordering
Afghanistan over the past two days.

US Killed Over 1,500 Afghan Civilians in 10 Months
By Gareth Porter
U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) killed well over 1,500 civilians in night raids
in less than 10 months in 2010 and early 2011, analysis of official statistics on the
raids released by the U.S.-NATO command reveals.

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

Washington's Black Ops against Iran Extensive range of covert operations
envisaged by US Congress

US Launches Drones from Ethiopia"

The Human Toll of the U.S. Drone Campaign.
By Glenn Greenwald
Little attention is paid to the constant victims of American violence in the Muslim world.

What a Whopper!
U.S. Throws All the Demons in the Mix for the Mother Of All Anti-Iran Psy-Ops


Rick Perry Is Just Fine with "Big Government"
When It Gives Him the Power to Crack Down on Immigrants and Drugs

The End of the Herman Cain Campaign?
(It's Not What You Think)

Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged
Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Our Politicians Are Money Launderers
By Bill Moyers Americans have learned the hard way that when rich organizations
and wealthy individuals shower Washington with millions in campaign contributions,
they get what they want

Out-of-State Corporate Money Floods Ohio Battle Over Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill


Income for Top One Percent 'Grew by 275 Percent' in the Past 28 Years

Bank of America Makes 6.2 Billion Tax Free Dollars in Third Quarter Profits

Which Bank Is the Worst for America?
5 Behemoths That Hold Our Political System Hostage

Who Is Keeping Track Of The Trillions?-Apparently Nobody is!
Greek peanuts and Fed trillions
At issue here is the accounting and oversight for $9 trillion in secret Fed bailouts
of Wall Street banks, for which taxpayers are ultimately responsible to the tune
of $32,000 for every man, woman and child in this country.

The 147 Banks and Super-Companies that Run The Entire World Economy

Fractional Reserve 101 - Foster Gamble


Subverting Democracy CIA's 'Vengeful Librarians' Monitoring Twitter, Facebook
By Kimberly Dozier
In an anonymous industrial park in Virginia, in an unassuming brick building,
the CIA is following tweets - up to five million a day.

Racial Profiling on an “Industrial Scale”:
FBI Using Census Data to Map and Police Communities By Race

Police Brutality Charges Sweep Across the US

Was Gadaffi Toppled And Murdered By Economic Hitmen?
2 Minute Video
An interview of John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

David Icke
- Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor

What On Earth Will It Take?

(Official Trailer)
THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Scientology Targeted "South Park" Creators After Spoof Episode


Real Time With Bill Maher
- New Rules on Drugs 10/28/2011

Important Word - F_ck
-Osho explains


"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes .. You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election" - Warren Buffett


". . . in America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction - enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them. " Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery.


"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain -- but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life; that there's something wrong with the world; you don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?" - The Matrix - 1999


" One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge ~ even to ourselves ~ that we've been so credulous. So the old bamboozles tend to persist as the new bamboozles rise." - Carl Sagan -


"We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine; and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. Not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were for the moment unpopular. This is no time for men . . . to keep silent, or for those who approve. We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result. There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities."-Edward R. Murrow


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" -- George Orwell


"If we'd been born where they were born and taught what they were taught, we would believe what they believe."-- A sign inside a church in Northern Ireland, explaining the origin of intolerance and hate


"People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome." - George Orwell


" ... the media in the United States effectively represents the interests of corporate America, and ... the media elite are the watchdogs of what constitutes acceptable ideological messages, the parameters of news and information content, and the general use of media resources.-- Peter Phillips, Project Censored, 1998


"History is written by the victors". -Winston Churchill


" Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children. ... No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream." Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Resistance is feasible even for those who are not heroes by nature, and it is an obligation, I believe, for those who fear the consequences and detest the reality of the attempt to impose American hegemony." - Noam Chomsky


The most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own: Aldous Huxley - English novelist and critic, 1894-1963


The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity: George Bernard Shaw


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country . . . we're dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . it is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world." Edward Bernays - Propaganda, Liveright Publishing Company, New York, 2005, excerpts from pp. 9-19

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  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
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  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
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Favorite Records/Musicians(100-150)

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  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
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  • Blind Faith
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  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
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  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
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Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

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