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Links By George October 26th

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Second Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes-La Paz,
Mexico: Nov 1 to 30

Manifest your dreams -RAINBOW FARM Land/Community

Amanda Neidpath-The lady of the manor is out to bend the
nation’s mind

Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain?

Prehistoric drug kit is evidence of Stoned Age

California's Big Chance to Stop Locking up Harmless Drug Offenders

Activation for the New Time

The Prophecies of 2012

Hopi and Navajo Elders Warned Lehman Bros.

Coping with Financial Woes: Some Smart Advice

San Francisco Musician Merl Saunders Dies at 74

Our Story: A rock opera

Leonora Carrington art on youtube

Cheech and Chong News - Light Up America Tour

Reading This Will Change Your Brain

A Next Step for Yoga in the West

UFO Disclosure: Critical consideration and Worldviews

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO

Scientist develops programme to understand alien languages

Peace and Dignity Journeys

New Life Journal interviews author and teacher Eliot Cowan.

My friend Kinright's photos of the Cusco region of Peru

1900-Year-Old Buddhist Monastery discovered in
Gujarat’s Vadnagar

Monastery atop Church of Holy Sepulchre in danger of collapse

Biohab-earth is an excellent political/environmental forum relevant
to not only Australia but to all the world

Tanzanian albinos stage protest

Global Warming Threatens Australia's Iconic Kangaroos

Climate Change: Faster, Stronger, Sooner

Bo Kaan is not only an excellent musician but also has some
important information on chem trails and other nasty terrorism

Bo Kaan chemtrail video

My friend Mike's Progressive Podcasts

Bono: "Let's Put Humanity Back on Earth"

Dancing With The New World Order

Avoid Flu Shots With the One Vitamin that Will Stop Flu in Its Tracks

Prominent Scientist Warns of HPV Vaccine Dangers

Tulsi Tea

IMF economic conditions worsen health in developing nations

Huge Protests As New Jersey Declares Flu Vaccines Mandatory

Animal Cruelty: The Enemy at our Doorstep—and what to do about it

Hormel Supplier Caught Abusing Mother Pigs and Piglets

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Shamanic pop

One more song from Juaneco Y Su Combo


India sends warship to pirate-infested Gulf of Aden

Powerful quake rattles Tonga

Tropical depression dumps rain, misery on Central America

Breaking Israeli Seige On Palestine: Wave of Hope Heading for Gaza

Under cover of racist myth, a new land grab in Australia


The new edition of "Issues & Alibis!"

Suspected U.S. Missile Hits Pakistan School

Maya Schenwar | Bush Authorizes Record Defense Budget

Top world military leaders meet in Lake Placid

The Idiots Who Rule America

Not Enough Money in the World: The Real Monster in the Meltdown Closet

Meet the World's New Reserve Currency
The Chinese Yuan
By Mike Whitney
Things are getting worse. On Friday morning, futures trading was halted for the first time ever after futures plunged more than 5 percent. The sell-off came after another 500-plus down day on the Dow followed by steep declines in equities markets across Europe and Asia.

Buffett feels the fear and likes it

Mammon, The God Of Excess

Great Depression holds lessons for surviving tough economy

US layoffs mount, home foreclosures rise

The Global Financial Crisis: Lead Articles

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign

Mortgage Banker Protest San Francisco

Millions of Homeowners Are in Desperation Mode

For Whom the Bailout Tolls

Joe the outlaw

Saving its ass to wreak even worse havoc

They Did It On Purpose: The Housing Bubble & Its Crash were Engineered by the US Government, the Fed & Wall Street

Dean Baker | Any Pay Cuts on Wall Street Yet?

Wall Street Hustlers Built a $100 Trillion House of Cards and Stuck You with the Fallout

Heartland of Darkness: A Review of Jeffrey St. Clair’s BORN UNDER A BAD SKY


Payback's A Bitch
By David Michael Green
The number of sacrificial victims to the fragile ego of one George Walker Bush is astonishing to contemplate. It's staggering to imagine that one individual's personal childhood inadequacies could wreak so much havoc on an entire planet, but indeed they have.


100,000 Greet Obama in St. Louis

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Colin Powell endorses Obama
Growing ruling class consensus behind Democratic candidate

The Democratic nominee for president talks about how George W. Bush screwed up, why John McCain turned ugly and what he's learned from Bill Clinton.

Bear cub shot dead in Obama protest

Biden to Supporters: "Gird Your Loins", For the Next President "It's Like Cleaning Augean Stables"

Republicans Disgusted: Palin's $150,000 Shopping Spree

McCain Faces Internal "Palin Insurgency"

McCain Aides Aggressively Pushed Mutilation Hoax

Al-Qaeda Leaders Root for McCain

Prominent Republicans Cross the Aisle to Endorse Obama

Michelle Bachmann Channels McCarthy

Al Franken Is Leading in the Nastiest, Most Expensive Senate Race in the Country

Seven Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day

Election fraud in West Virginia
Democratic votes flipped to GOP
Scoundrals never stop cheating or getting punished for their crimes

Get involved with VOTE PROTECTION with "Video the Vote"

Bush Intervenes in Ohio Voter Dispute

Could The US Election Be Stolen (Again)?

ROLLING STONE: It's Already Stolen

Thousands Face Mix-Ups In Voter Registrations

Early Voters Face Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions

Police prepare for unrest

Michael Moore on Larry King show

"BoogieMan": The Lee Atwater Story (A Documentary -- DVD Released Around October 28)

The Idiots Who Rule America
By Chris Hedges
Our oligarchic class is incompetent at governing, managing the economy, coping with natural disasters, educating our young, handling foreign affairs, providing basic services like health care and safeguarding individual rights. That it is still in power, and will remain in power after this election, is a testament to our inability to separate illusion from reality.

Lisl Ellen Auman was imprisoned for a crime she did not do. Hunter Thompson wrote about it and the case is very interesting

How the U.S. Military Turned Me into a Terrorist
By Aaron Glantz, Haymarket Books
We were told we were ?ghting terrorists; the real terrorist was me, and the real terrorism is this occupation. Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country. Without racism, soldiers would realize that they have more in common with the Iraqi people than they do with the billionaires who send us to war..

Is America Fascist?
By Sherwood Ross
What if some clever tyrant in the White House, having the backing of the military, got USA to invade and loot another country without arresting and/or killing vast numbers of his own people who opposed his war? What if he just ignored their protests and then, when his term of office ended, enjoyed a blissful retirement at his ranch?

"The End of America" DVD, Not Available Until Jan. on Amazon. BF Special

"Bush Guilty Of First Deg Murder"
7 Minute Video
George W Bush knew and purposely lied to America and mislead The Congress about "Saddam Hussein NOT being an IMMINENT threat to the United States by deleting that critical sentence in a declassified report (The White Papers) by his own Intelligence Advisors in order to start the War with Iraq.

On the Terms of the Powerful
Translating Propaganda and Thinking the Unthinkable
By Max Kantar
Propaganda in the US rests mostly in what is not said, but rather assumed. Such a system of indoctrination is extremely powerful as it serves the purpose of making certain thoughts not so much undesirable, but unthinkable, strikingly reminiscent of Orwell's depiction of totalitarian control and manipulation of the English language in his novel, 1984.

My dinner with Andre (clip on brainwashing)

World Peace is More Than Just the Silencing of the Guns
By Peter Chamberlin
World peace is more than just the silencing of the guns, it is the elimination of the injustice that has compelled the men to reach for those guns in self-defense against the aggression.

Pentagon Considering Portable ‘Pain Ray’ Guns

HHS Declares 'Health Emergencies' to Limit Legal Liability for Anti-terrorism Vaccines, Drugs

Muslim fanatic prisoners to be 'de-programmed' using controversial techniques to 'cure' them of beliefs

Bush Decides to Keep Guantanamo Open

Wall Street's 'Disaster Capitalism for Dummies'
14 reasons Main Street loses big while Wall Street sabotages democracy
By Paul B. Farrell
Yes, we're dummies. You. Me. All 300 million of us. Clueless. We should be ashamed. We're obsessed about the slogans and rituals of "democracy," distracted by the campaign, polls, debates, rhetoric, half-truths and outright lies. McCain? Obama? Sorry to pop your bubble folks, but it no longer matters who's president.

Maybe U.S. Needs Yard Sale
By Eric Margolis
Russia could buy back Alaska or perhaps Canada could pick up sunny Florida.

Arms For The Poor
By Jeff Huber
Those poor kids at the Pentagon. They receive more funding than the rest of the world's military establishments combined, but it's just not enough. Pentagon officials have prepared a new defense spending estimate-one they plan to spring on us just before young Mr. Bush exits stage right-that projects a requirement for $450 billion more over the next five years than previously announced.

The Rothschilds and their 200 years of political influence

Friday, October 17, 2008

Links by George October 19th


Maui Sufi Camp Nov 7-14

Taiwan Rainbow Gathering Jan 26 to Feb 25

Alchemical Divination & Yogic Chant with Ralph Metzner and Silvia
Nakkach in Emeryville, CA Nov 15

2008 Colorado Bioneers October 17-19, 2008

Mantak Chia in Switzerland Oct 24

Bob Weir & Ratdog Fall Tour 2008

BLOOM and BURST: Psychoactive Mushroom Economics.

Sacred Intentions Inside the John Hopkins Psilocybin studies

A case in defense of Salvia divinorum

Terrence McKenna- Reclaim Your Mind

Quantum theorist, Nick Herbert, on psychedelics.

Progressive Voter Guide To Drug Issues

UK: Beyond Experimentation


The War on Pot Is a War on Young People

Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain

The Hippies: Time magazine article 1967

The different visions of Nimbin

H + Magazine

Trance Planet
The Analog Life, Arthur issue 31

Mind expanding art of Ivan Titor

Imagine: Give Peace a Chance

Peace Full Sail Ready to Go

Jai Mata Di. Hey Maa Durga {Donna De Lory W/Lyrics)

Rob Brezsny's free will astrology

The Gift Economy

Our friend Robin Tekwelus Younglblood's site Dreaming Shaman
respecting the earth and all its native people, life, elements and energy

Church of the Earth

Healer-shaman Embera Nation Panama
My friend Dave who is staying with him says:
''he can cure tumors, breast cancer, ulcers, aids you name it!! i cant believe it!
and nobody is helping this man! hes been turned down to most of the hospitals
and aids places. cause he doesnt have his doctorates degree. im hearing
witnessing it right now. i could send some free medicine, but i dont think
you can ship plants internationally. we need to get this knowledge out as
soon as possible and start healing people. then we need to protect all the
sacred sites, and the rainforest so the medicine will be rich and alive.''

Fighting with Jaguars, Bleeding for Rain

Researcher believes he's found key that unlocks Egypt’s advanced
scientific knowledge

This Sacred Earth video teaser

A last refuge for life remained after extinction

New Age Stones

G stars within 100 light-years

Giant Cyclones Seen on Saturn

Harry Oldfield's amazing imaging technology

Exclusive RjDj Interview: Interactive Music Listening, Everywhere
You Go

Will and Kalima are wonderful friends that live on an eco-community
on Maui. Check out their website for songs of the heart and building options
based on love, culture and natural harmony

Sprout Living

Round One Legal Victory for Organic Consumers and Dr. Bronner's against
"Organic Cheater" Personal Care Brands and Certifiers

The Medical Establishment's Ridiculous Opposition to Home-Births

Ancient Healing Art Becoming More Popular

Pharmaceutical Sickos (Interview with Abraxas)

What the Chemical Industry Doesn't Want You to Know about
Everyday Products


Planetary biodiversity zone

CO2 and Oxygen depletion

Palm oil clearing swathes of forest in Indonesia's Papua: Greenpeace

Save Our Coasts and Move America Beyond Oil!

Secret United Nations Meetings on Extraterrestrial Life Continue: Threats
Used to Prevent Diplomatic Leaks

"Do-Me" Feminism and the Rise of Raunch


Ethiopia's 'green famine' takes its toll


Now Switzerland Is Helping Its Banks

Gigantic Swiss Banks Hold Steady -- For Now

UK: 'We've got blind panic'

Iran celebrates global meltdown

Australian dollar collapses

Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets
By Steve Scherer
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said political leaders are
discussing the idea of closing the world's financial markets while
they ``rewrite the rules of international finance.''

As the Violence Soars, Mexico Signals It's Had Enough of America's Stupid War on Drugs


The new edition of "Issues & Alibis!"

Velvet Revolution alternative news and anouncements

The New York Times | The Acorn Story

Anti-War Nuns Branded as 'Terrorists'

Time For Another Tea Party

Stocks Plunge Eight Percent on Economic Gloom

The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult

The Law Of The Jungle
By Fidel Castro

Keating economics: John McCain and the making of an economic crisis video

Who is Behind the Financial Meltdown?
Market Manipulation and the Institutional Speculator

Tape Blows Cover On True Treasury Intentions

A Mighty Hoax From ACORN Grows

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

The G7 and the Euro Group agree to pour billions into banks


"Working Poor" report: Nearly 30 percent of US families subsist on poverty wages

What elite pulls Obama's strings?

The worst debate ever

The Third Debate: McCain's Secret Plan to "Get" Osama and Nixon's
Secret Plan to End the Vietnam War

Where do they really stand on the environment?

Progressive Voter Guide to Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Former funnyman Al Franken talks to Grist about Minnesota's hotly
contested Senate race

The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain That Will Affect
Your Daily Life

McCain booed after trying to calm anti-Obama crowd

Bipartisan Concern About the Dangers of McPalin’s Hate-Mongering

Palast, RFK Jr.: "Steal Back Your Vote!"

Sarah Palin's Extremist Religious Beliefs: The Republic is At Risk

Must Watch: Palin's Religious Cult

Bush-Supporter Dennis Hopper Switches His Vote: 'I Pray' Obama Wins

Steering Committee To Seek Prosecution of Bush For War Crimes
The Dark Cartoon

The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

How America Fell

Liquidating the Empire
By Patrick J. Buchanan

With U.S. markets crashing and wealth vanishing, what are we doing with
750 bases and troops in over 100 countries?

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out
Members of Congress were told they could face martial law if they didn't
pass the
bailout bill. This will not be the last time.

U.S House Under Martial Law - Confirmed by C-Span

Steve Weissman | Welcome to the Revolution
Steve Weissman, Truthout: "With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the United States
proclaimed itself the world's only super-power and hawked American-style
capitalism as the only economic system worth considering. How the mighty
have fallen. A needless war in Iraq now calls into question whether the
American military can control the oil and natural gas of the Persian Gulf
and Caspian Sea, while the current financial chaos has driven the faith-based
Bush administration to pray for government ownership in banks, insurance
companies and other financial institutions. No matter who becomes president,
Obama or McCain, this double-barreled cock-up will force Washington to
redefine the global role of the American military and the economic role of
the US government."

No Dog in this Fight
By P Jerome
By November 5, the same people will be controlling our lives, regardless
of the election outcome. Real power never gets voted out of office.
It must be confronted and overturned.

Murder of Military Women

Censored 2009: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007-08 (Paperback)

New York, Slavery & the Truth

US controls bird flu vaccines over bioweapon fears

Mail carriers to bring drugs in anthrax attack

Firefighters battle blaze north of Los Angeles

Weekly Piracy report

Illuminati Bankers Seek 'Revolution' By Economic Means

Columbus Exposed as Iron-fisted Tyrant Who Tortured His Slaves
By Graham Keeley in Barcelona
Christopher Columbus was a despot who ruled his subjects with an iron fist,
according to documents which have emerged 500 years after his death.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Links by George October 12th


Peats Ridge Festival-NSW`Australia Dec 29

Cannabis spray use may be made legal in New Zealand

Death Penalty: Malaysia to Hang Three for MarijuaDeath Penalty:

Malaysia to Hang Three for Marijuana Trafficking, Executions

Continue in Middle Eastna Trafficking, Executions Continue

in Middle East

Dutch Judges Say Legalize It

LSD cured my headache

Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive Studies

"Psychotherapy,Psychedelics, and the Emergence of an Integral Society.

" interview with Neil Goldsmith

Ethnobotanical study of Northern Peru

Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'

Ancient Peru pyramid spotted by satellite

Experience the art portfolio of Adrian Ward

"Rolling Hills of Nimbin" sung on youtube

John Lennon birthday remembered

Peace Trail Project

Rabbi Nathan Segal's blogspot and anouncements

Gods, Demons and Imaginary Friends

An Avalanche of Prophecy

The Lenape Prophecy

North American Tube

Earliest Animal Footprints Ever Found -- Discovered in Nevada

The 55 Best Herbal Remedies

Vitamin C Incompatible with Chemotherapy

The Evidence Against Soy

USDA's New Biotechnology Regulations Could Allow

Drugs in Food

Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming and Permaculture

Frugal Green Living: Save $1000 on these tips

Banking On Sustainability: e3bank To Offer New Kind Of Bank In

Philadelphia Area, Where It All Began

Super Adobe video

Solar Powered Refrigerator Could Bring Health and Energy Savings

to Rural India

A meaty issue

Who are the REAL eco-terrorists?

Undercover Video Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter

Report: Quarter of Earth's Mammals Face Extinction

Number of penguins in Brazil on the rise

Wildlife gives early warning of 'deadly dozen' diseases

spread by climate change

Supreme Court hears case about Navy sonar and whales

UN: Financial chills are ill wind for climate

Climate change could force millions from homes

Disasters kill more in 2008 than in tsunami: UN

Boulder-Sized Asteroid Will Burn Up In Earth's

Atmosphere Tonight

Beyond Duality and Polarization

Reality Sandwich and Disinformation invite you to a sneak

preview of the documentary film 2012: Science or

Superstition on October 22nd in NYC

Acharya S's website

Religulous-Bill Mahar movie trailer


Vanishing African wildlife threatens livelihoods: scientists

US denied permission to fly over Bolivia

Pakistan Facing Bankruptcy

Iceland teeters on the brink of bankruptcy

'A painful process' - Iceland's PM

Terror law used for Iceland deposits

Europe governments go their own way on crisis

Financial Crisis: Who is going to bail out the euro?


World Can't Wait National Meeting Chicago Nov 22-23

A Crisis Made in the Oval Office

By Dean Baker

A financial panic provoked by President Bush was designed to

stampede Congress into passing the bail-out for Wall Street.

Naomi Wolf: 'Give Me Liberty'

Give Me Liberty youtube

"What will we do next?" now that our socioeconomic system

is failing

Lying Traitors vs Economic Cowards

Economic Globlization and Speculation Coming Home to Roost

Did Vladimir Lenin Predict The Banking Disaster Of 2008?

Letting the Bank Robber Fix the Bank's Books

McDonalds: “Too Big To Fail”

Retirement Savings Lose $2 Trillion in 15 Months

Listen to Jim Willie explain about the huge mortgage fraud perpetrated

in the US

Global Economic Collapse


Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!!

War and the Financial Crisis: Global Research's Top 100 Stories

Headlines from Bloomberg, it is starting to unwind seriously.

It'll get much worse. Protect yourself in all ways you can. Full

stories of these items at URL above.

Federal Reserve extends reach with 1930s powers

How close to capitulation?

Breakdown Approaches Climax

US Stocks Gyrate After Global Selloff

Bataan Death March Tickertape

Real Estate Realist (If you listen to the video on this page

about Wall Street it will explain about the origins of the problems

that have caused this crisis.)

They're Stealing from You and Me -- Where's the Outrage?

The ruling class is wealthy and We work for a living…..

Experts: Crisis Opportunity to Create Sustainable Economy

Behind the Panic: Financial Warfare and the Future

of Global Bank Power

The New American Century: Cut Short By 92 Years

The End of American Capitalism? 5 Short Takes on Where the

Financial Crisis Might Be Headed

Meet The $700 Billion Bailout Czar

Cindy Sheehan Reveals Plan for New National Party

By Stephen Dohnberg

In an interview with this reporter, Cindy Sheehan

(for the first time to press) reveals intentions in forming

a new political party, and reflects on her chances in unseating

Nancy Pelosi in her race for Congress.

Senate Slips Huge $488 Billion Pentagon War Funding

Bill in Under The Radar

George W. Bush’s Legacy: A $ 10 Trillion National Debt

McCain: Make-Believe Maverick

John McCain: A Man Without Honor

A List of McCain's Nastiest Moments

Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five

Seven Palin Aides to Testify in Abuse-of-Power Probe

Palin: Another Sociopath

Sarah Palin is a Manchurian Candidate for One Extremist

Splinter Group of the End-Times Crowd

McCain-Palin Put 'Country Last'

Is the McCain Campaign Behind the Hate Speech at Rallies?

The Lynch Mob Politics of McCain-Palin

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals

'Barack Osama' Printed on Hundreds of NY

Absentee Ballot

MC Yogi: Obama '08 - Vote for Hope

Progressive Voter Guide to the Economy

Voter Suppression Battle In Northwest Indiana

GOP Judges Aid White House Cover-up

The Terrorists Among Us: McCain and Palin

Obama Called “Terrorist” At McCain Rally; “Kill Him”

Shouted At Palin Rally

Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats' Bailout Betrayal

By Chris Hedges

The passing of the $850-billion bailout pulled the plug on the

New Deal. The Great Society is now gasping for air, mortally

wounded, coughing up blood. It will not recover. It was murdered

by the Democratic Party.

America's Right-Wing Zealots Will Not Fade Away

We're on "The Edge of The Abyss"

By Mike Whitney

People are scared and removing their money from the banks and

money markets which is intensifying the freeze in the credit markets

and driving stocks into the ground like a tent stake. Meanwhile, our

leaders are "caught in the headlights", still believing they can "finesse"

their way through the biggest economic cataclysm since the

Great Depression. It's madness.

Secret Bush Administration Plan to Suspend US Constitution

Is Posse Comitatus Dead?

Deprogram-countering propoganda

Future be Design

The new edition of "Issues & Alibis''

Corporate Media: The Missing Headlines

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets

Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

By Naomi Wolf

Members of Congress were told they could face martial law if

they didn't pass the bailout bill. This will not be the last time.

The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

US Military Operating a Secret Chemical Weapons Program

Government Announces New Anthrax Attack Response Measures

Darpa Launches Secret 'Gandalf' Project



Vox news report:




Rumsfeld Updated Army's Continuity of Operations Plan

before 9/11

By Tom Burghardt

One fact is abundantly clear from the mass of conflicting evidence

and assertions made by proponents of various theories surrounding

the 9/11 events: AR 500-3 demonstrates that from the very first

moments after being installed in office, the Bush regime was

involved in a "controlled demolition" of the U.S. Constitution.

Alex Jones Tv:Zeitgeist Addendum"The Review"1/3


The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies

Group Combats Military Recruitment in Schools

Controversy Grows As Taser Expands Scope

Treatment of Cuban Five: 'It's a Form of Torture'

Storms and Quakes -- Weapons of War?







Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon

John Lennon

George Harrison

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Doctor Tim

Doctor Tim
Third Eye Past Infinity

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones
Satanic Majesty's Request

Rolling Stones 2000 light years

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Uncover Art

Favorite Records./Musicians (1-50)

  • Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
  • Beatles: Sgt. Peppers
  • Beatles: White Album
  • Led Zeppelin: 1
  • Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed
  • Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  • Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street
  • Led Zeppelin: 2
  • Beatles: Revolver
  • Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
  • Grateful Dead: Live '72
  • Cream: Disraeli Gears
  • Beatles: Abbey Road
  • Big Brother/Janis: Cheap Thrills
  • Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
  • Jeff Beck/Rod Steward: Faith
  • Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold As Love
  • Grateful Dead: Anthem to the Sun
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
  • Traffic: first one
  • Doors: first one
  • Rolling Stones: Satanic Majesties
  • Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
  • Spirit: The Family That Plays Together
  • Cream: Wheels of Fire
  • Stepenwolf: first one
  • Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • Greatful Dead: Aoxoxo..
  • Animals: Love Is
  • Pink Floyd: Ungamunga
  • Miles Davis: In a Silent Way
  • Tim Buckley: Blue Melody
  • Tim Leary/Jimi Hendrix: You Can Be Anyone
  • Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow
  • Doors: Soft Parade
  • Joe Cocker: first one
  • Ravi Shankar: Monterey
  • Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet
  • George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
  • Doors: Strange Days
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Weather Report: I Sing the Body Electric
  • Doors: Waiting for the Sun
  • John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
  • Grateful Dead: first
  • Zappa: Hot Rats
  • Traffic: Low Spark of High Heel Boys
  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung



Favorite Records/Musicians (50-100)

  • Tim Buckley: Greetings From LA
  • Allman Brothers: Live At the Filmore
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
  • John Mclaughlin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
  • Bob Dylan: Subterenean Homesick Blues
  • Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
  • Weather Report: second
  • Santana/McLauglin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Bob Dylan: Hwy 61 Revisited
  • Derek and the Dominoes: Layla
  • David Crosby: If I Could Remember My Name
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
  • Led Zeppelin: III
  • Pink Floyd: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  • Miles Davis: Live-Evil
  • Grateful Dead: live 90's
  • Beatles: Rubber Soul
  • Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • John Mclauglin: My Goal's Beyond
  • Santana: Welcome
  • Country Joe: Electric Music
  • Pink Floyd: Pompei
  • Moody Blues: Tomorrow
  • Who: Tommy
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Jimi Hendrix: Midnight Lightning
  • Frank Zappa: Us and Them
  • Quicksilver: first one
  • Spirit: Fresh Garbage
  • Mothers of Invention: Only in it for the Money
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishman
  • Bob Dylan: Another Side Of
  • Cream: Fresh
  • Yes: first
  • Who: Live at Leeds
  • Rolling Stones: High Tides
  • Tim Buckley: Safronia
  • King Crimson: Court of Crimson King



Favorite Records/Musicians(100-150)

  • Paul Butterfield-East West
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Voyage
  • Miles Davis: Seven Steps
  • Shawn Philips: Faces
  • Byrds: Notorious Bird Brothers
  • Steppenwolf: Monster
  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
  • Buffalo Springfield: Retrospect
  • Neil Young: first
  • Beatles: Let it Be
  • Pink Floyd: Meddle
  • Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  • Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
  • Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
  • Gong
  • Miles Davis: Big Fun
  • Neil Young: Zuma
  • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  • Doors: Morrison Hotel
  • Soft Machine-first
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to Home
  • Jefferson Starship: Blows Against the Empire
  • John Luc Ponty: Tales of...
  • Blind Faith
  • Neil Young: Harvest
  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
  • Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons
  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
  • Lauro Nyro: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
  • Spirit: Ice
  • Shawn Phillips: Colaboration
  • Rolling Stones: Only Rock and Roll
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
  • Pink Floyd: Animals
  • Traffic: Last Exit
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Cosmic Messenger
  • Steve Stills: first
  • Bob Marley: Exodus
  • Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Traffic: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Farm
  • It's A Beautiful Day: first
  • Pete Townsend: Who Came First
  • Mothers of Invention: Freak Out
  • Doors: LA Woman

Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot of Love

Hieronymus Bosch's

Hieronymus Bosch's