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Links By George March 21, 2010

As some of our friends already know, Stephanie had completed
a short video about our Nimbin experience to a soundtrack from a
n original song of our son John. Her latest updated youtube is
called "Show me the way to Paradise II." Please check it out as
we would enjoy hearing your comments.

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would like to offer an autographed copy of John's CD to anyone
wishing to send even a small donation. The cd is called
"Just Another Day" and features 10 excellent original acoustic
songs. Even for a donation of at least $15 we will send you a
copy of the cd. (postage included)
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Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century
April 15-18, San Jose, CA

Science of Consciousness Forum, April 22-23 Madison WI

Mythic Voyage with eight mythical Shipibo Amazon women
and two male ayahuasqueros,
May 22 Peru

Shipibo Maestras healing visit to Australia, May - June 2010


Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half,
Study Shows

Anti-Pot Propaganda As Stupid As Ever -- Yet Our Alarmist
Media Continues to Hype It

Drug War Chronicle Video Review:
"10 Rules for Dealing With Police,"
from Flex Your Rights

How the War on Drugs Gave Birth to a Permanent
American Undercaste

How the DEA Scrubbed Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Poppy Garden from Public Memory

Pot advocate's home, ministry office raided in Hawaii

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

Good use for LSD

Why Thousands Are Turning to a Psychedelic Plant
from Africa for
Release from Severe Addictions

Dirty Pictures
A documentary about Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, the rogue chemist
who discovered the effects of MDMA (aka Ecstasy) and over 200 other
mind-altering drugs. Shulgin’s alchemy has earned him the title
“The Godfather of Psychedelics,” and a reputation as one of the great
chemists of the 20th century.

Enthnobotanist, artist, and photographer
Kathleen (Kat) Harrison
speculates on the evolutionary advantages of DMT

Wasson and the Psychedelic Revolution

Biographies of Other Mushroom Pioneers

Charles Grob Character Vault
Among his many research accomplishments, Grob conducted the first
FDA-approved study of MDMA in human subjects, investigated the
long-term effects of ayahuasca among UDV members, and has studied the
use of psilocybin to treat Stage IV cancer-related anxiety.

Literature's most mind-blowing drugs

Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man Mini Comic (1951)
This 32-page promotional comic was part of an 8-comic set that cost
15 cents plus one Wheaties-brand cereal box top. It features the
iconic Disney character peddling a patent medicine named "Peppo",
and a "medicine man" who secretly sedates his fellow tribesmen.

The Psychotropic Mind
The World according to Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Shamanism

Traditional Dieta Retreats in Shipibo Villages, Peru

Ecuador. work with Carlos the healer from Black Smoke
Interview with Margaret De Wys

What is an Altered State of Consciousness? by Ralph Metzner

Drug Geeks: Informed Peers in the Psychoactive Community
Individuals who self-identify as being informed about psychoactives
push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding in this
controversial field. Learn what drug geeks do and why they are vital
to the propagation of quality information.

Erik Davis's progressive radio

Expanding Mind with Eric Davis

Exploring the Erotic Potential (2C-B), by Hypersphere

The Oracle (2006), reviewed by David Arnson

The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol, by Tom Pinkson (2010)

The Jaguar Path: Shamans of Peru-youtube

Journey of a Saint pt 1 of 6. A woman's transformative life
and experiences in India-youtube

Mayan Calendar Explained-youtube

9.9.9. and the Mayan Calendar

Tai Chi in Israel with Marek and also workshops with
Grandmaster Fong Ha (and our tai teacher as well)

The Hidden Brain

Mysterious snake appears in painting of Queen Elizabeth I

Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican

Moon Over Gringo Gulch
In God we can only trust, but in hashish rests assurance


Philip Rubinov Jacobson is not only a friend but also one of the
world's greatest artists.
Please check out his blogsite and workshops

Just Released, 12 Never Released Jimi Hendrix Songs,
"Valleys Of Neptune" CD.

The music of Mad Sheer Khan has been described as
"an electric shaman" and "Jimi Hendrix reincarnated"

Jai Utal continues to manifest very consciousness and spiritualy
inspiring music of the higher spheres

Special Spring Releases from Sophia Songhealer

Just Imagine 1930 movie about the future

Alive Mind Education's latest book titles

No Anti-Right Wing Shout-outs,
But the Progressive Message Won Big at Oscars


Our BerkshireGreen
Holistic/Green Research Guide

Peace Please

Mourn Granny D.; Then Organize for Clean Politics

Global environment news

Communities Magazine

March could be the month where the future of
whales is changed forever.
Help Greenpeace Protect Whales.

Rob Hopkins: Getting over oil, one town at a time

Bringing Al Gore back to Earth: Goldstein

Don’t buy Obama’s greenwashing of nuclear power

Forget the Oscars, The Toxies Are Much More Exciting

Sustainability Means Survival

Wakan is a non-profit, spiritual organization that offers products
and services for healing and creative expression based on
indigenous wisdom teachings.

A Durable Yet Vulnerable Eden in Amazonia

Building with earthdomes and other articles of interest

The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide


Days shorter after Chile quake

Japan pushes to scrap commercial whaling ban

Huge to Microscopic and Beyond-video

Photovoltaic Phones


Heart of Nature Apothecary, Limpinwood NSW near Tweed.
Deanna is an excellent naturopath and good friend, so have a look

Amega Wand Demonstration - Watch How It Works

Organic Medicine

Shocking Graphic Reveals Why a Big Mac
Costs Less Than a Salad

A Happy Meal still looks ‘fresh’ on its first birthday

Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies
for Pfizer, Merck (opinion)

Do Not Take This Deadly Diabetes Drug --
Two Reasons Why

Lakeside, Arizona Resident

Charlotte Gerson speaks out about the cancer industry
and natural cancer remedies

Europe: Traditional Herbal Medicines in Legislative Distress

Is There Really a Backlash Against Casual Sex?

Is Our Sexed-up Society Creating Prosti-Tots?

Man marries pillow


Gaza in plain language

Naomi Klien | Haiti: A Creditor, Not a Debtor

Iceland Citizens Vote 98% No to Paying Ransom
to Financier Thieves

The Fall of Greece
Yes, It Really is a Capitalist Plot


Greece-over 120,000 marching in protest-youtube

EU close to Greece bail-out deal, officials say

Billionaires and Mega-Corporations Behind
Immense Land Grab in Africa

East Africa is Next Hot Oil Zone

Permanent Agression: War on the Horizon
in Latin America

Contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment

World's shortest man dies in Italy



An excellent source of truthful perspective


Towards Americas Electronic, Troop-less Wars
Future U.S Wars will involve Massive Use of Drones

The Rogue Nation
By Philip Girald
The Pentagon will be developing a new generation of super drones
that can stay airborne for long periods of time and can strike anywhere
in the world and at any time to kill America's enemies. The super
drones will include some that can fly at supersonic speeds and others
that will be large enough to carry nuclear weapons.

At least one in six service members is on some
form of psychiatric drug.


Trail of Dreams vs. KKK: Walking on for Immigration Reform

The Road to Armageddon: The Insane Drive for
American Hegemony Threatens Life on Earth

"Thieves in the Temple: Christian Church and the Selling
of the American Soul"

Right-Wing Rage: Hate Groups, Vigilantes and Conspiracists
on the Verge of Violence

Ever wonder how lobbyists and politicians get together?
Wonder no more.

Interview with Gore Vidal about the USA

America After the Quiet Coup

How Reagan's Propaganda Succeeded

Citizen's Arrest of Alleged War Criminal
George W. Bush in Canada
SPS versus "W" in Court Hearings in Calgary

American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies
that the Government Tells Us (Hardcover)

McCain and Lieberman's "Enemy Belligerent" Act Could
Set U.S. on Path to Military Dictatorship

Hightower: Two Right-Wing Billionaire Brothers Are Remaking
America for Their Own Benefit

Hitler As A United States Senator

Amazing political art of David Dees

Jeff Rense interview with David Dees

What In The World Are They Spraying?

Thieves in the Christian Church. How Hucksters are
Selling Christ for Dollars


Number of Millionaires in America Increased 16 percent in 2009

The Financial System in America is on the Edge of Default



DOOMSDAY BASE: Raven Rock Mountain Complex (Site R)

By Paul Craig Roberts
Former Assistant Secretary to US Treasury
Monday 1 March 2010 02:00

Bill Gates' $10 Billon Vaccine Scam

Electronic Control Grid Gets An Upgrade: U.S. to roll out
major broadband policy

'9/11 panel was warned not to probe too deeply'

U HAVE 2 C THIS! Obamas New World Order
And The RFID Chip

Beyond Orwell: The Electronic Police State, 2010
By Tom Burghardt

The US Navy has anchored one of its secret prisons
in Haitian waters

Obama staffer wants `cognitive infiltration' of
9/11 conspiracy groups
Marc Estrin

The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism
9/11 - The US Military Knows Israel Did It
By Dr Alan Sabrosky
Is This former director of studies at the US Army War College
a conspiracy theorist?

The Nazis' Murder of Jews, Communists and Gypsies In
Gas Chambers Was an AMERICAN Idea


"Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions voting themselves into complete dependence on a tyrant has made our generation understand that to choose one's government is not necessarily to secure freedom." -- Fredrich August von Hayek (1899-1992), Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences 1974
"Those in power need checks and restraints lest they come to identify the common good for their own tastes and desires, and their continuation in office as essential to the preservation of the nation." -- Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice Source: We, The Judges, 1956
"The trade of governing has always been monopolized by the most ignorant and the most rascally individuals of mankind." -- Thomas Paine - (1737-1809)
"Can any reasonable man be well disposed toward a government which makes war and carnage the only means of supporting itself?" -- Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) Source: at the US Constitutional Convention
"It is not necessary that whilst I live I live happily; but it is necessary that so long as I live I should live honourably.": Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) German philosopher
"A man does what he must -- in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers -- and this is the basis of all human morality.": John F. Kennedy - (1917-1963) 35th US President
"If everyone were clothed with integrity, if every heart were just, frank, kindly, the other virtues would be well-nigh useless, since their chief purpose is to make us bear with patience the injustice of our fellows.": Moliƃ¨re - [Jean-Baptiste Poquelin] (1622-1673) French playwright
"Man's character is his fate.": Heraclitus - (c.540-480 BC) Greek philosopher


Jimmy Page is an amazing guitarist, but The Who’s Roger Daltrey thinks he could use a great singer, which is why he wants to record a blues album with the Led Zeppelin rocker. Daltrey told the BBC that he’d “love to” do a record with Page, adding, “I don’t sing the blues with The Who, but that’s what I used to be before Townshend started writing. I used to be a great blues singer.” In the meantime, Roger and The Who are gearing up for their March 30th concert in London.
Ever wonder where Frank Zappa got some of his ideas? Well soon you can find out thanks to a new DVD called The Freak-Out List. The disc examines the history of Frank by exploring the musician’s musical roots and the names on his Freak-Out List, which includes artists and bands that inspired him. The film features rare footage, interviews, seldom-seen photos, radio spots and much more. The Freak-Out List comes out April 20th but you can pre-order it now at
Over 40 years ago, Jimi Hendrix recording a cover of the Elmore James blues track “Bleeding Heart,” and on March 1st, you’ll be able to hear it. The never-before-released song will be available digitally that day and the following week, will come out as a seven-inch vinyl. According to, Julien Temple, who directed the documentary The Filth and the Fury, has made a video to accompany the track.
The Rolling Stones 1972 classic `Exile On Main Street` will soon be released with songs from the sessions that until now have never been officially released.
The songs we never heard back then that we will hear this year are "Plundered My Soul," "Dancing in the Light," "Following the River" and "Pass The Wine".
The release will also feature alternate versions of ‘Soul Survivor’ and ‘Loving Cup’.
Four other yet-to-be named tracks will feature on the 2010 album.
The Stones website has also announced that “As a complement to the release of Exile on Main Street, a documentary, "Stones in Exile," has just been completed for fans to view on US Network television and through BBC Worldwide internationally. The documentary features rare, never-before-seen archival film, photos and interviews as well as new conversations with the band and the artists they influence. Produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker John Battsek and directed by Stephen Kijak, who is known for award-winning work on Cinemania and Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, "Stones in Exile" offers an uncommon glimpse into the lives of the band as they created one of the greatest albums of all time”.
The reissue of ‘Exile On Main Street’ will be released in May.
More Unreleased Jimi Hendrix To Come
The new Jimi Hendrix album `Valleys of Neptune` will not be the last unreleased music we hear from the legendary guitarist who died 40-years ago this year.
“We probably have about 14 more project to go over the next 10 years,” his sister Janie Hendrix tells Undercover News. “It will be a combination of concert footage, studio, live CDs and DVDs.
Janie now runs the family business Experience Hendrix LLC and manages the Jimi Hendrix catalogue. She says he was forever performing and recording “He performed a lot,” she says. “He was paid well his performances and a lot of it was filmed or recorded. We also mix concert footage with documentary footage and we have a lot of that in the can as well”.
The tracks from new album ‘Valleys of Neptune have a common thread. ’The common thread outside of Mr Bad Luck was about the time period,” she says. “In 1969, Jimi had finished ‘Electric Ladyland’ and he was working on this new sound. He was telling us about this new music, this new sound that he wanted people to hear. He thought he could really change music. It was similar to what we did in 1997 when we put out ‘First Rays of the New Rising Sun’. Once again, that was the same time period that ‘Valleys of Neptune’ was from”.
Jimi Hendrix was only around for four years but left an enormous catalogue. “The vault is full of songs in different versions,” she says. “He was such a perfectionist and he would hear things a different way. He never really played the same song the same way twice. That's what we have. Over 110 songs he wrote and accomplished a lot in four years”.
‘Valleys of Neptune’ will be released through Sony Music.
Sony Music is offering you a chance to win a not-for-sale limited edition collectors item Jimi Hendrix iPod Touch for those who preorder the album here.
The prize includes the collectors edition Valleys of Neptune iPod Touch, a Jimi Hendrix canvas print and a CD pack featuring the newly remastered Jimi Hendrix CD collection.
Sony Music released Jimi Hendrix ‘Valleys of Neptune’ on March 12.
Watch the brand new video for the title track here:
The entire record is currently streaming at
It was exactly 51 weeks ago that I got to spend an afternoon in an Austin theatre in the presence of film-maker Jonathan Demme, our friend the late L.A. Johnson and Neil Young manager and business partner Elliot Roberts to watch the first ever big screen viewing on `Neil Young Trunk Show`.
That movie will finally get a theatrical release later this month.
‘Neil Young Trunk Show’ captured Young and his band on the ‘Chrome Dreams II’ tour.
Demme directed the movie after previously working with Neil on 2006’s ‘Heart of Gold’ and recruiting him for the main song from ‘Philadelphia’ in 1993.
The songs from Neil Young Trunk Show are:
Sad Movies (previously unreleased)
Cinnamon Girl
Oh Lonesome Me
Spirit Road
No Hidden Path
Ambulance Blues
Mellow My Mind
The Believer
Like A Hurricane
Cowgirl In The Sand
The Sultan
Watch the trailer here:
When You’re Strange, the new documentary about The Doors, comes out on April 9th, and the soundtrack to the film will be on shelves three days earlier on the 6th. That album will boast studio and live recordings from The Doors plus singer Jim Morrison’s poetry as read by Johnny Depp, who narrates the film. If that weren’t enough, to hold Doors fans over until then, on Tuesday, you can pick up 180-gram double-album reissues of the group’s live sets Absolutely Live and Live in New York. Learn more at
While promoting the re-issue of the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street, which comes out on May 18th, Keith Richards spoke to Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview, Keith said “there are no definite plans” for a new Stones album, however the guitarist added, “But I can’t see any of them stopping.” As for touring, Richards was unsure if they’d be back on the road but if they do tour again, they might try playing places other than stadiums, saying, “You can’t go around there in lemon-yellow tights forever.” Keith also spoke about those sobriety rumors swirling about him, calling them “greatly exaggerated.” Read more at
Grateful Dead exhibit truckin' to New YorkA museum salutes the Dead with an exhibit full of band treasures.
By Josh Getlin /
Even if you're a card-carrying Deadhead, your first response to the new exhibit of Grateful Dead history and memorabilia that opens Friday at the New-York Historical Society might be summed up in one word: Why?
Why, in an august building filled with busts and portraits of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton -- in New York's oldest museum, to be exact -- is there a room packed with posters from the Fillmore East, rock guitars, videos of kids lining up to buy concert tickets and tie-dyed T-shirts?
Sponsors of the colorful exhibit have no shortage of answers. And they were in a partying mood this week as they unveiled "The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New-York Historical Society," a roomful of treasures drawn from the band's archive, which it has donated to UC Santa Cruz.
The exhibition, which runs through July 4, shows that if the Bay Area "was the birthplace and heart of the band, the East Coast was the energizing center," said Christine Bunting, head of special collections and archives at UC Santa Cruz. "The band's links to New York were strong. They played here 155 times."
As she spoke, museum crews were preparing for an opening-night party featuring Santa Cruz wines and a Grateful Dead tribute band. The gift shop, normally top heavy with books about the Founding Fathers and New York history, was selling Summer of Love pillows and umbrellas festooned with peace signs.
"We're very interested in documenting not just the story of the band but the history of counterculture movements," said Debra Schmidt Bach, who along with fellow Historical Society curator Nina Nazionale helped organize the exhibit. "The idea is to bring you back in time but also to show how vital and important that history is for us today."
Or, as an unidentified youth says in a video about the group's fans: "The Dead, got to be the best, man. Wherever the Dead are, you'll see the people."
A visit begins with a grainy, blown-up photo advertising a 1969 Dead show at the Fillmore East. Nearby, Dennis Larkins and Peter Barsotti's iconic poster for the band's 1980 concerts at Radio Music Hall -- featuring two Grateful Dead skeletons, Sam and Samantha -- is one of many original artworks. Another photo memorializes the band's concert at Columbia University in May 1968, when a student strike had shut down the campus.
The group's West Coast roots are, of course, central to any retelling of the Grateful Dead story, and the exhibit is packed with California memorabilia. Glass cases display heartfelt fan letters and bootleg merchandise (a "Boogie til you Barf" bag with the band's logo) plus 1965 photos of the group in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district.
A handwritten notebook by renowned concert taper Dick Latvala states that a Dec. 30, 1978, Dead show at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion "is one of the finest audience recordings I know of." Internal documents show the evolution of the band's farsighted business practices, such as their decision to allow free taping and exchanges of live performances to build long-term fan loyalty.
This bond helped the band grow into a musical and merchandising powerhouse that quickly transcended its '60s trappings. Until leader Jerry Garcia died in 1995 and the group formally disbanded, the Dead was one of the most successful touring bands in history. Three decades after the group began, its following included politicians and celebrities along with millions of other loyal fans.
The Dead archive overflows with materials documenting this odyssey, and UC Santa Cruz officials were eager to get some items out to the public now. But Steele said it will take a long time to catalog the collection, much of which is temporarily stored in a large warehouse.
"Eventually, we'll house the materials in a new room at the main library and -- as we've promised the band -- the collection will be digitized so anyone, academics and fans alike, can have access to it," she added.
Some might have expected a California museum to get first crack at these items. But the New-York Historical Society won the nod and, in a twist that might have brought a smile to Garcia's eye, you can thank Henry Kissinger for it.
The former U.S. secretary of state delivered a talk last year at the museum and made repeated references to the enduring importance of the 1960s, especially as a key to understanding American history.
Officials began exploring ideas for an exhibit about that decade and believed they had found a perfect fit when news broke about the Dead's archive at Santa Cruz. It also helped that a former board member, Emmanuel Stern, had donated personal items to the collection and suggested that a museum show about the Dead and the '60s be assembled.
"We're not just talking about something that happened a long time ago," said Nazionale, pointing to a display of responses from Dead fans, who were surveyed after they viewed simulcasts of the Radio City Music Hall concerts. "Imagine, reaching out and polling your fans in 1980! It's so ahead of its time."
Mick Jagger And Angelina Jolie Got Their Ya Yas Out
A soon to be released book claims that Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie got their rocks off together back in 1997.
‘Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The True Story’ by Jenny Paul says that the pair had their affair when Jolie was working on the Rolling Stones ‘Anybody Seen My Baby’ video.
Mick was married to Jerry Hall at the time and Angelina was married to actor Johnny Lee Miller. The pair hooked up again 6 years later in Bangkok when Angelina was in the process of divorcing Billy Bob Thornton.
The book has a list of Angelina’s conquests including Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell.
The release date of the book is to-to-be determined.
Paul McCartney will headline the Isle of Wight festival.
The Isle of Wight Festival is extremely proud to announce that the legendary McCartney will be headlining the Main Stage on Sunday 13 June bringing this year’s festival, which takes place from 11-13 June, to a spectacular close.
Renowned the world over, Paul McCartney awoke a generation giving a fresh sound to rock n’ roll, changing the face of music forever, first with The Beatles and then as a critically acclaimed solo artist. Across a career that has spanned over 30 years, he’s penned some of the most famous tracks ever written, including 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, 'Live and Let Die’ and 'I Saw Her Standing There’, meaning this year’s festival-goers will be in for something truly special as this living legend performs a rousing set.
Paul McCartney says: 'I always remember hearing such great things about this festival and it has such a sense of history with the likes of Jimi Hendrix playing there the first time round. This will be my first show on the Isle of Wight and I’m looking forward to a rollicking night of rock n’ roll'.
Festival promoter John Giddings adds: 'Forty years after Jimi Hendrix performed 'Hey Joe’ at Seaclose Park we’ve finally gotten to 'Hey Jude’. I can’t wait!'
Paul’s live shows have reached a new legendary status in recent years garnering unprecedented reviews from fans and critics alike wherever he goes. He’s pushed boundaries, performed to millions and made global news with monumental shows including performances in Red Square, Russia, outside the Coliseum in Rome, performing live to a NASA space station and the largest outdoor show ever in the Ukraine.
The UK got a recent taste for Paul’s live show last Christmas when he bought his 2009 'Good Evening Europe’ tour to a climatic and memorable finale at London’s 02 Arena, his only UK show of 2009. Reviews for the show were phenomenal and prove that Paul McCartney is a live experience that no one should miss.
This special show at the Isle of Wight Festival is part of Paul’s all new 'Up And Coming’ tour which starts in the US in March and comes to the UK and Ireland in June.
In addition to Paul McCartney, other world-class artists performing on Sunday’s Main Stage include Pink, Editors, Spandau Ballet and Friendly Fires. Across the course of the weekend over 45 acts will take to the stage including Jay-Z, Blondie, The Strokes, Florence + The Machine, Biffy Clyro, Crowded House, Paloma Faith, Mr. Hudson, Orbital, La Roux, Marina and the Diamonds and many more.
Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon & Eric Clapton - Yer Blues live 2/16/10 BAM, NYC Plastic Ono Band
Cyril Jordan & New Moondogs " While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Pearl Jam - Little Wing Maggot Brain - 070995 - Milwaukee WI | Video Youtube

with Rod Stewart
Claudine Longet from the Peter Sellers movie "The Party"
"Nothing to Lose"







Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon

John Lennon

George Harrison

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Doctor Tim

Doctor Tim
Third Eye Past Infinity

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones
Satanic Majesty's Request

Rolling Stones 2000 light years

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Uncover Art

Favorite Records./Musicians (1-50)

  • Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
  • Beatles: Sgt. Peppers
  • Beatles: White Album
  • Led Zeppelin: 1
  • Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed
  • Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  • Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street
  • Led Zeppelin: 2
  • Beatles: Revolver
  • Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
  • Grateful Dead: Live '72
  • Cream: Disraeli Gears
  • Beatles: Abbey Road
  • Big Brother/Janis: Cheap Thrills
  • Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
  • Jeff Beck/Rod Steward: Faith
  • Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold As Love
  • Grateful Dead: Anthem to the Sun
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
  • Traffic: first one
  • Doors: first one
  • Rolling Stones: Satanic Majesties
  • Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
  • Spirit: The Family That Plays Together
  • Cream: Wheels of Fire
  • Stepenwolf: first one
  • Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • Greatful Dead: Aoxoxo..
  • Animals: Love Is
  • Pink Floyd: Ungamunga
  • Miles Davis: In a Silent Way
  • Tim Buckley: Blue Melody
  • Tim Leary/Jimi Hendrix: You Can Be Anyone
  • Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow
  • Doors: Soft Parade
  • Joe Cocker: first one
  • Ravi Shankar: Monterey
  • Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet
  • George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
  • Doors: Strange Days
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Weather Report: I Sing the Body Electric
  • Doors: Waiting for the Sun
  • John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
  • Grateful Dead: first
  • Zappa: Hot Rats
  • Traffic: Low Spark of High Heel Boys
  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung



Favorite Records/Musicians (50-100)

  • Tim Buckley: Greetings From LA
  • Allman Brothers: Live At the Filmore
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
  • John Mclaughlin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
  • Bob Dylan: Subterenean Homesick Blues
  • Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
  • Weather Report: second
  • Santana/McLauglin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Bob Dylan: Hwy 61 Revisited
  • Derek and the Dominoes: Layla
  • David Crosby: If I Could Remember My Name
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
  • Led Zeppelin: III
  • Pink Floyd: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  • Miles Davis: Live-Evil
  • Grateful Dead: live 90's
  • Beatles: Rubber Soul
  • Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • John Mclauglin: My Goal's Beyond
  • Santana: Welcome
  • Country Joe: Electric Music
  • Pink Floyd: Pompei
  • Moody Blues: Tomorrow
  • Who: Tommy
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Jimi Hendrix: Midnight Lightning
  • Frank Zappa: Us and Them
  • Quicksilver: first one
  • Spirit: Fresh Garbage
  • Mothers of Invention: Only in it for the Money
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishman
  • Bob Dylan: Another Side Of
  • Cream: Fresh
  • Yes: first
  • Who: Live at Leeds
  • Rolling Stones: High Tides
  • Tim Buckley: Safronia
  • King Crimson: Court of Crimson King



Favorite Records/Musicians(100-150)

  • Paul Butterfield-East West
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Voyage
  • Miles Davis: Seven Steps
  • Shawn Philips: Faces
  • Byrds: Notorious Bird Brothers
  • Steppenwolf: Monster
  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
  • Buffalo Springfield: Retrospect
  • Neil Young: first
  • Beatles: Let it Be
  • Pink Floyd: Meddle
  • Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  • Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
  • Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
  • Gong
  • Miles Davis: Big Fun
  • Neil Young: Zuma
  • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  • Doors: Morrison Hotel
  • Soft Machine-first
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to Home
  • Jefferson Starship: Blows Against the Empire
  • John Luc Ponty: Tales of...
  • Blind Faith
  • Neil Young: Harvest
  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
  • Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons
  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
  • Lauro Nyro: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
  • Spirit: Ice
  • Shawn Phillips: Colaboration
  • Rolling Stones: Only Rock and Roll
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
  • Pink Floyd: Animals
  • Traffic: Last Exit
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Cosmic Messenger
  • Steve Stills: first
  • Bob Marley: Exodus
  • Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Traffic: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Farm
  • It's A Beautiful Day: first
  • Pete Townsend: Who Came First
  • Mothers of Invention: Freak Out
  • Doors: LA Woman

Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot of Love

Hieronymus Bosch's

Hieronymus Bosch's