Friday, November 19, 2010

LINKS BY GEORGE- November 19th

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii where tropical rain bursts and multi-colored sunrises accent most mornings along with the roosters' wake up calls. Lots of excellent post election commentary this week along with environmental, shamanic, music and global issues.

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Stephanie has been uploading some beautiful videos of our life.
Her latest is the Lava Boat ride on the Big Island.
All her videos can be seen at

Our son John Douvris has samples of some of his fine music at

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The 7th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference:
"As Above, So Below"
July 6th - 22nd, 2011 Peru


MAPS presents: Catalysts: The Impact of Psychedelics on Culture,
Cognition, and Creativity
December 10th, 11th and 12th, 2010

2 – 8 May 2011
Brain, Mind and Reality
Stockholm University-Sweden

BREAKING CONVENTION: A Multidisciplinary Conference on
Psychedelic Consciousness.
2nd-3rd April, 2011. University of Kent at Canterbury UK

Australian screening dates of DMT The Spirit Molecule

Guatemala/Maya Gatherings 7 Days for $795
March and June

The Wheel:
A Musical Celebration of Jerry Garcia
Sat. Dec 4th San Francisco


Sasha Shulgin
Hello Everyone ~ This morning on the way to the hospital for a scheduled
test, Sasha had a stroke. He has been struggling for six months with an
ulcer on his left foot that won't heal, hoping to avoid amputation. Sasha &
Ann have been in serious financial trouble for some years, and the coming
medical bills will be a burden they can't bear alone. Please, express
your gratitude for all the work that Sasha has done, for everything he has
given to the world, and give something back. Think of all the ways that your
life, and the lives of others, have been healed, transformed, and bettered
by this wonderful man. He needs your help now. No amount is too small or too
large. Please give until it feels good...not until it hurts.
For non-tax-deductible contributions, Paypal $ to
[] or snailmail: Sasha Shulgin, c/o Transform
Press, PO Box 13675, Berkeley CA 94712.For tax-deductible online donations
to support the completion of Shulgin publishing projects that are underway:
Please spread this information.
Thank you and all my love, Greg Manning

Research on psychedelics makes a comeback

Drug experts say alcohol worse than crack or heroin

Medical Cannabis in Ancient Egypt

Buying Ganga in India

Marihuana in India

Legalize cannabis to boost tourism in Nepal

Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint on Bill Maher's Show

The "War on Drugs" strikes again
Losing a Baby Over a Poppy

What they're teaching the kids these days about drugs

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

The British Medicinal Cannabis Register

Beckley Foundation's new website

AMA Ends 72-Year Policy, Says Marijuana has Medical Benefits

'Resounding' Defeat for Proposition 19

How Pot Friendly Yuppie Parents Help Sink Legalization

Pot Prohibition Is the Cornerstone of a Police State


Charges dropped against Taita john- Colombian healer
arrested in Texas for ayahuasca

Legend Of A Mind:
A Psychedelic Celebration Of Timothy Leary

Graham Hancock Presents:
Elves, Aliens, Angels & Ayahuasca

Text about the Ayahuasca Track in the MAPS Conference

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther 1/10

High Society:
Mind-Altering Drugs in History and Culture

The Flower of Consciousness and The Lore of the Lotus:
An Exploration of Lotus Symbolism in Sacred Art, Yoga and Ethnobotany

Standing At The Threshold Of The Spiritual World

Connecting the Microdots-The State of the Stone 2010
The following is based on a presentation Earth and Fire gave at the
Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference in April 2010.
Terence McKenna was an inspired teller of tales and a psychedelic thinker
of big thoughts. Even after his death, his stories remain some of the most
compelling renditions of what spiritually informed psychedelic seekers may
encounter in their travels.

Spiritual Emergence Kit
The Teafaerie describes the value of thinking ahead, revealing the
contents of her own tried-and-true kit of tools and toys that might
come in handy during psychedelic explorations...

River’s Source Botanical’s
Amanita muscaria: 2010 harvested sale:
1 kilo grade A caps $350.00

Scarcity of Peyote Means Hard Times for Dealers

A Screw Falls Out of the Machine:
The Birth of a Psychonaut

Graham Hancock ~ DMT, LSD & DNA Discovery

Erik Davis new book is out!
NOMAD CODES: Adventures in Modern Esoterica

Do blind people hallucinate on LSD?

Pilot Study of Psilocybin Treatment for Anxiety in Patients
With Advanced-Stage Cancer

Psychedelic Drugs Help Psychiatric Patients

Black Sands (trailer)
New Film about the 4500 year old Cannabis Soma Cult Temple found
in the Kara Kum Desert by Russian archeologist Victor Sarianidi,
which is also discussed in Chris Bennett's recent book 'Cannabis
and the Soma Solution''

Welcome to the Hummingbird Retreat, Spain

Tantric Goddess
"The sounds of the Tantra Goddess, or the ‘Dasha Mahavidya’
and ‘Para-Tan’, as practiced by the ancient seers of India, empower
your life, and freedom from medicated life"

The mission of the Dharma Ocean Foundation is to embody, unfold,
and widely offer the unique path to enlightenment taught by
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, creating a living continuity of the
practicing lineage in our time

Move Humanity Forward site

The Global Brain Project. Lots of new information has been added
to our friend David's excellent site to wake up our collective global
brains as 2012 approaches

The Global Oneness Project

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Get ready for Earth changes

La Policía del Amor - The Love Police -

Integrating the I AM Presence

Earth Sound Temple

Dharma Ocean and Tibetan Tantra

Healing Art Journeys-
Creative Retreats in Andalucía Spain

Findhorn community

Gregory Sams interview preview

Hawaiian mysticism retreats on Molokai

Pila of Hawaii-
Mystical Hawaii

Discover The Lost History of ‘Hidden Wisdom’

The Dutch Pyramids

The Persecution of Falun Gong in China

Walker speaks at dedication of church-state collection donated
by longtime BJC supporte

Mexican Island Inhabited by Creepy Dolls

Social Media can turn your Local Business into a Global Business
by our friend Pantelis Roussakis


Jerry Garcia-Standing On The Moon 1990-07-06

“Political World”-Bob Dylan

Plundered My Soul -
The Rolling Stones (Exile On Main Street Disc 2)

The Youngbloods - Get Together

Jimi Hendrix-1983 Rare!!(Alternate Version)

Led Zeppelin Tribute To Hendrix(thats the way) 1970

LED ZEPPELIN - HEY JOE 'live_1974-the_Hendrix_tribute

Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation - Hey Joe

Lee Underwood, well-known as the late Tim Buckley's lead guitarist,
has a web site featuring some of his own music and many of the writings
he has produced during these many post-Buckley years, including
his new book of poetry, Timewinds. His site address is -

TV interview of our friend and wonderful musician Angie Takats

I Can't Help But Wonder
This video is a dedacation for Native Americans, and all the
victomised animals in the world. "Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth."-- Mat 6:10...

Band of Frequencies are friends and one of the best bands in Australia.
Have a listen to their tunes.

Bob Dylan-Not Dark Yet

Robyn Hitchcock - Not Dark Yet -
w/Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones

Happy Go Lucky-stage shows of Tresham Gregg

Alaskan artist Tresham Gregg, where nature blends with spirit

Net Neutrality and Broadband Access:
A Civil Rights Issue

Lady Gaga, Superstar:
Her Valiant Efforts to Help Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Art believed destroyed by Nazis found in Berlin


Japan Looks to Ancient Village Wisdom to Save Biodiversity

Vending Machine Grows 20,000 Heads of Lettuce a Year Without Sunlight

Dean is a friend, environmental activist, shaman and showing people
the majestic whales.
Check out his latest blog at

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus

Mountain Ranges May Act As Safe Haven For
Species Facing Climate Change

Putting the midterm elections in the context of the latest climate science
(and life as we know it)

Half of GOP caucus are climate zombies, four members admit science is real

High Risks and Catastrophic Results:
The Story Behind BP's Deepwater Well Blowout

The Doomsday Machine and the Race to Save the World:
Geoengineering Emerges as Plan B at the 11th Hour

Humanity's Window of Opportunity

Help Stop the $6 billion nuclear factory proposed for Los Alamos.



Living on the Cheap in Expensive Holland

Where do your gadgets come from?

AMZ state of the art solar technology and products

World's Smallest Solar-Powered movie House Seats 8

Chris Paine prepares ‘The Revenge of the Electric Car’


NASA Discovers Oasis on the Moon


A Time to Give Thanks:
The Vegetarian Way

The Secret Diet for Great Physical Health (Even in Old Age)

Blood Pressure Concerns?
This Popular Drink Helps in Just ONE Minute...

Modify Your Diet So You Feel Terrific

Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past

Dangerous Chemicals in Food Wrappers Likely Migrating to Humans

New Warning About Olive Oil

Just Say No to GMO music video by Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Codex Nutrient Reference Values

Why a Shingles Epidemic is Bolting Straight at the U.S.

Illness Plagues Gulf Residents in BP's Aftermath

Banning Mercury Fillings
The Hazardous Gas in Your Mouth:
Is This the First Crack in the ADA's Corrupt Cover-up?

Refuse This Routine Procedure - Or Expose Your Baby's Brain
to Severe Danger...

New Proof that This Common Medical Treatment is Unnecessary and Ineffective

Don't Give This to Your Daughter
- Despite What Your Doctor Says

How to have sex (sustainably and ethically)

Driver kills boy on bike, sues boy’s parents


Hundreds of Survivors of Bhopal Disaster Protest Obama India Visit

India: Land of many cell phones, fewer toilets

Slavoj Zizek:
Why Far Right and Xenophobic Politicians Are on the Rise in Europe

China’s Growing Independence and the New World Order

World Geopolitics and The Battle for the Mediterranean
The Mediterranean Union: Emergence of a New Order

El día de los Muertos
On November 1st and 2nd of every year, there is a tradition in Mexico
called El Día de los Muertos-where the dead are remembered in a most
colorful and glorious way. In villages and cities throughout the country
an exuberance of sugar skulls, calacas (skeletons) marigolds and other
colorful wonders serve to honor the dead whether they be human or animal.
Candlelight processions also serve to illuminate what would be otherwise
be a rather somber occasion.

Rebellion in Germany
German people in unprecedented rebellion against government

Greek Jobless Rate Jumps as Austerity Takes Hold

South Africa illegal kidney deals tied to Israel

Our Generation:
Video On Australia's Indigenous Relations

Pope Greeted With Gay Kissing



Anti-Empire Report

Excellent news with each edition

Velvet Revolution
-politcal activism events

Democratic Underground-excellent alternative news source

Why on Earth Would Americans Vote the Old Bush-Cheney
Agenda Back into Power? Europeans Are Perplexed

International Arrest Warrant for WikiLeaks' Assange

They Said They Would Push Me "Off a Cliff" by Michael Moore

How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff

The Stench of American Hypocrisy by Paul Craig Roberts

The Mythical United States of America: Rushing into Backwardness

16 of the Dumbest Things Americans Believe --
And the Right-Wing Lies Behind Them

US Slides on Corruption Index

Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers

Taking America Back to the Gilded Age

Rich Media, Poor Democracy

Chris Hedges: The Death of the Liberal Class
Video Interview - Gritt TV
"We have a choice," says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and
author Chris Hedges. "You can either be complicit in your own
enslavement or you can lead a life that has some kind of integrity
and meaning."

End of the Illusion; Waking Up To a New Dawn

Researchers Find Key to the Hipster Worldview:
Denying Hipsterdom While Consuming "Indie" Products

Are suburbs really safer for kids?

At Texas School, Children Play In A Field Of Fumes

Dr Aafia Siddiqui To Be Incarcerated In CarsHELL


When Timidity is Treason.
Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts. What The Hell Did You Expect?
By David Michael Green
Obama amply deserves the lashing and humiliation he's going to receive
Tuesday, and then again two years later. The White House is no place
for the cowardly. In normal times that would be an embarrassment. In a
moment of national crisis, it's a sin.

Welcome to America
TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint
Can You Believe This Video?
Click to view

Olbermann back on the air Tuesday

MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann Indefinitely for making
campaign donations to three Democratic candidates

Hell With Congress -- We Need a Movement!

The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight
By John Pilger
There is no other way now. Direct action. Civil disobedience. Unerring.
Read Shelley and do it.



Tomgram: William Astore, The Face of War (Don't Look!)

U.S. May Put Elite Hunter-Killer Teams in CIA
Yemen Covert Role Pushed

None of Us Were Like This Before:
American Soldiers and Torture
By Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips investigates how and why U.S. forces came to use torture.
Phillips reveals that the damaging legacy of torture is borne not only by
the detainees, but also by American soldiers and the country to which
they've returned.

Ray McGovern | "Damn Right":
Bush Boasts about Waterboarding

Chomsky: US-led Afghan War, Criminal
By Press TV
Noam Chomsky says US invasion of Afghanistan was illegal since to
date there is no evidence that al-Qaeda has carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes in Afghanistan [ANSWER barf]

"The Truth Is There Is No Al Qaeda"
Yemen's Drive on Al Qaeda Faces Internal Skepticism
The Yemeni government has used jihadists as proxy soldiers in the past,
and sometimes conflates the Qaeda threat and the unrelated political
insurgencies it has fought in northern and southern Yemen in recent years.

US Kills 14 People In Pakistan
U.S. missiles were fired by remote-controlled aircraft an hour apart.
Nine people were killed at a house in Sedgai village and five others in a
vehicle hit in the town of Ghulam Khan.

Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Is Palestine America’s Next Vietnam?

Global Warfare: After NATO Summit, U.S. To Intensify
Military Drive Into Asia

Thank a Vet?
By Laurence M. Vance
It is high time that Americans stop holding veterans and current
members of the military in such high esteem.

Missing Nukes from the US Air Force:
Treason of the Highest Order

US test fires secret missile off CA

The Betrayal of Gaza
By Noam Chomsky
The US is vocal about its commitment to peace in Israel and the
Palestinian territories - but its actions suggest otherwise.


''A coup d’etat against the carbon cronies’: chatting with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
This is an excellent interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.
One of the better quotes:
"The focus the media has now is on entertaining rather than informing
the public. You cannot have democracy very long without an informed public.
Americans today are the best entertained and probably the least informed
people on the face of the earth."

Republican Bankster Escapes Justice

5 Most Terrifying People Elected

2010 Midterms:
Footprints of Election Fraud

The Party of Nonvoters

How Obama Saved Capitalism and Lost the Midterms

Progressives, Obama and the Democratic Party
''Incredibly these are the first commentators I've heard clearly define the Reality of Obama's ill-chosen betrayal of the immense mandate he received, and his failure as the most powerful leader in the world, to act on behalf of all Humanity and the Earth - ironically, listening to him and the Democrats, neither he nor anyone in his administration gets it even Now - could be he's just not as smart as we thought - or more compromised in his leadership activities by power and money - realistically, in these times of huge unprecedented social change, massive species extinctions, melting polar ice caps, and much other imminently looming doom, we needed someone closer to a Prophet, not just another successful(?) political "opportunist" or lesser-of-two-evils, medium-grade president -''R.Keber

John Kaufman: What's Wrong with Wisconsin?
Having elected its second millionaire to the U.S. Senate and sending its most courageous and progressive congressman home, having installed a Republican governor and Republican majorities to both houses of the state Legislature, Wisconsin has in the name of a "populist" uprising put into power a party totally opposed to the best interests of those most in need of real populism and government-led defense: rural and inner-city people. In a state with a prominent progressive tradition, what happened on Nov. 2 was a tragedy, but not a very surprising one.

Noam Chomsky | The US Elections: Outrage, Misguided

How Republicans and Their Big Business Allies Duped Tens of Millions
of Evangelicals into Voting for a Corporate Agenda

Report Finds Fox News Gives Free Publicity to 2012
GOP Candidates--$40 Million Worth

Poll: Americans Wildly Uninformed
If You Know the GOP Just Won the House, You'll Beat the
Average American at This Political Quiz

Tea Partiers Harrasing Black College Students at
South Carolina Polls

Green Party candidate arrested

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
My future as a green activist

Schwarzenegger tries to stay relevant as Jerry Brown moves in

The 7 Sleaziest Sexist Moments from the 2010 Elections

Exposing the Dirty Truth That Bush's New Memoir Tries to Cover Up

George Bush's "All-Time Low"
He's got to be joking, right? No, he isn't.
By Mehdi Hasan
It's been nearly two years since he left the White House with the lowest
domestic and global approval ratings of any US president in living memory.
But, it seems, we still can't get enough of George W. Bush.

Amnesty International wants Bush on trial over torture

Bill Quigley | Why George W. Bush Should Still Worry

Ralph Nader: Bush At Large

The Life and Times of Bush the Clueless
Robert Scheer: "But the Harvard MBA is the degree that George W. Bush
and his last treasury secretary, Henry Paulson, had in common, and their
shared ignorance as they presided over the collapse of the US economy."


US Voters Drink Reaganism's Kool-Aid
Already weakened by three decades of slow arsenic poisoning from Reaganism,
the United States ordered up a new dose of Ronald Reagan’s special “government is the problem” elixir in Election 2010 – and it is hard to envision how this willing victim
will soon, if ever, recover

What happened to America? Hint:
We're a financial colony,not an
independent democratic Republic

America's Two Economies

Robert Scheer |
The Man Who Shattered Our Economy

To what shrinking extent do the rich any longer need the rest of us?
As large corporations and the rich increasingly rely on cheap labor in
and from other countries, how is their disappearing need for American middle
class workers damaging our society? And what if anything can be done to reverse
this process? Between 2001 and 2008, about 40,000 US manufacturing plants closed.
Six million manufacturing jobs -- one out of every three -- disappeared over
the past dozen years. What can be done

Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?

Ruling on Behalf of Wall Street's "Super Rich":
The Financial End Time has Arrived

GOP Lawmaker Holding 2 Million Unemployed
Hostage on Behalf of Richest 2%

Shocker: Americans Care About Jobs, Not the Deficit

Federal Reserve can not account for misplaced TRILLIONS

Bank of America Is in Deep Trouble, and There May Be
Financial Disaster on the Horizon

Cable Companies' $46+ Billion Robbery -
- Subscribers Have Been
Ripped off for $5 a Month Since 2000

Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners

9 Most Disgusting, Absurd CEO Perks

Shocking State Fair Scandal, Wage Theft Epidemic,
Spur Nationwide Protests

Fed Creates Hundreds of Billions Out of Thin Air: Have We
Launched an Economic War on the Rest of the World?

How Airlines Hate Their Customers

Taking countries over !!
New $600B Fed Stimulus Fuels Fears of US Currency War

Watch Out:
The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

Ralph Nader:
Road to Corporate Serfdom

What It's Like to Work in Walmart Hell

Debt slavery and other economic perspectives


Witch Hunt: Right-
Winger Issa Plans Hundreds of Partisan
Investigations of White House

Surveillance State USA;
Wholesale War on Dissent In America

Living in the Age of Imposed Amnesia:
The Eclipse of Democratic Formative Culture

American Hypocrisy: Destruction of the Constitution,
Collapse of the Rule of Law

Oklahoma Accidentally Bans Native American Rights
and the 10 Commandments

Woman Forced by Police to Say Officer Didn't Rape Her

When You're Forced to Cheer for the Man Who Raped You

Pilot Rebellion: Pilots Refusing to Use Full Body
Scanners or Submit to Patdown

Welcome To The USA
More Reasons to Hate the TSA
Designed to confuse citizens and indoctrinate them to the idea that they
should unquestioningly submit to absurd directives from authorities.
It's how you control a populace.

Police State:
TSA Launches Investigation Into Man Who Refused Groping,
Naked Body Scan

Welcome to America
TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint
Can You Believe This Video?
Click to view

About Those Packages
That "credible terrorist threat" - coming just before Election Day.
By Ann Althouse
I didn't know what to say as the story was unfolding yesterday.
I had the thought - and I immediately censored myself - what does
this have to do with Election Day?

Pentagon's Cyber Command seeks authority to expand its battlefield

Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts.
What The Hell Did You Expect?
By David Michael Green

Long-hidden report:
CIA created "safe haven' for Nazis in US

The prison boom comes home to roost

Agenda 21 -
Their Final, TOTAL Control Plan For You & The Earth

''Reptilian propaganda" on the streets of Bucharest

The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity -
The FULL STORY (1/8)
- David Icke

Reptilian Bush-
The Video That Woke The World

The 10 Best Political Cult Horror Films Ever



"We do not know what awaits each of us after death, but we know that we will die. Clearly it must be possible to live ethically -with a genuine concern for the happiness of other sentient beings- without presuming to know things about which we are patently ignorant. Consider it: every person you have ever met, every person you will pass in the street today, is going to die. Living long enough, each will suffer the loss of his friends and family. All are going to lose everything they love in this world. Why would one want to be anything but kind to them in the meantime?" Sam Harris
"By revolution we become more ourselves, not less" George Orwell
"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other". ~Oscar Ameringer
"The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal - that you can gather votes like box tops - is... the ultimate indignity to the democratic process. " ~Adlai Stevenson, speech, Democratic National Convention, 18 August 1956
"The major western democracies are moving towards corporatism. Democracy has become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies - socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor - and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is not democracy. It is to politics what McDonalds is to food." John Pilger (05/11/2009)


"This is the fundamental debate in our society: Are we a nation of citizens or a nation of consumers? Are we a democracy run by citizens, or are we a corporatocracy that holds consumers locked in dependency by virtue of their consumption?" Thom Hartmann

"They had their cynical code worked out. The public are swine; advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill-bucket." George Orwell
"You can almost predict (US) policy by that simple principle: Does it help rich people or does it help the general population? And from that you can virtually deduce what's going to happen." Noam Chomsky
[In fascist regimes] "The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial , ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc." Dr. Lawrence Britt

"When I was growing up, it was 'Communists'. Now it's 'Terrorists'. So you always have to have somebody to fight and be afraid of, so the war machine can build more bombs, guns, and bullets and everything." Cindy Sheehan
"When we peel away all the layers of burning flesh, all the carefully constructed fiction of human progress and benefits of science and technology, we must face a reality perhaps even more grim. There simply is no 'us versus them'. The side claiming to represent progress has done more and done worse, using as low-tech and brutal methods as any on either side of the technological and cultural divide." Daniel Patrick Welch
"We are beckoned to see the world through a one-way mirror, as if we are threatened and innocent and the rest of humanity is threatening, or wretched, or expendable.
Our memory is struggling to rescue the truth that human rights were not handed down as privileges from a parliament, or a boardroom, or an institution, but that peace is only possible with justice and with information that gives us the power to act justly." -John Pilger 04/11/2009)
"It is an obscene comparison - you know I am not sure I like it - but you know there was a time in South Africa that people would put flaming tires around people's necks if they dissented. And in some ways the fear is that you will be necklaced here, you will have a flaming tire of lack of patriotism put around your neck, Now it is that fear that keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions...
...It starts with a feeling of patriotism within oneself. It carries through with a certain knowledge that the country as a whole - and for all the right reasons - felt and continues to feel this surge of patriotism within themselves. And one finds oneself saying: 'I know the right question, but you know what? This is not exactly the right time to ask it".' -Dan Rather
"The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage". -Chuck Palahniuk
"Nothing so upholds the laws as the punishment of persons whose rank is as great as their crime". Cardinal Richelieu

"A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun". Don Henley (1989)

"He who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal". Bertolt Brecht

When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. Thomas Paine

"A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy." -Aldous Huxley -
"The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them." -Gene Roddenberry
"There comes a point when a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his own conscience. "-Hartley Shawcross
"Then it must also be admitted, my friend, that men who are harmed become more unjust. "-Plato
"Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so, whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose -- and you allow him to make war at pleasure. If today, he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada, to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, 'I see no probability of the British invading us' but he will say to you, 'Be silent; I see it, if you don't.' "-Abraham Lincoln
We have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what's happening. -John Kerry

They resemble inspired men: but it is not the heart that inspires them—it is revenge. And when they become refined and cold, it is not their mind, it is their envy that makes them refined and cold...
Revenge rings in all their complaints, a malevolence is in all their praise; and to be judge seems bliss to them.
Thus, however, I advise you my friends: Mistrust all in whom the urge to punish is strong!
They are people of a bad breed and a bad descent; the executioner and the bloodhound peer from out their faces.
Mistrust all those who talk much about their justice! Truly, it is not only honey that their souls lack.
And when they call themselves 'the good and just', do not forget that nothing is lacking to make them into Pharisees except—power!

"When people decry civilian deaths caused by the U.S government, they're aiding propaganda efforts. In sharp contrast, when civilian deaths are caused by bombers who hate America, the perpetrators are evil and those deaths are tragedies. When they put bombs in cars and kill people, they're uncivilized killers. When we put bombs on missiles and kill people, we're upholding civilized values. When they kill, they're terrorists. When we kill, we're striking against terror". Norman Solomon
"We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security". Dwight D. Eisenhower
"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it". Noam Chomsky

"An unconscious people, an indoctrinated people, a people fed only partisan information and opinion that confirm their own bias, a people made morbidly obese in mind and spirit by the junk food of propaganda, is less inclined to put up a fight, ask questions and be skeptical. That kind of orthodoxy can kill a democracy - or worse." - -Bill Moyers
"If those who support aggressive war had seen a fraction of what I've seen, if they'd watched children fry to death from Napalm and bleed to death from a cluster bomb, they might not utter the claptrap they do". -John Pilger(13/11/2005)
"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human" -Aldous Huxley (1936)

"If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves". -Howard Zinn (1991
"If you don't know history, it's as if you were born yesterday. If you were born yesterday, then any leader can tell you anything". -Howard Zinn(08/11/2008)
"The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest". -Edward Bernays (03/1947)
Goebbels [...] was using my book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany. This shocked me. -Edward Bernays (1965)

"[In] Democratic societies ... the state can't control behavior by force. It can to some extent, but it's much more limited in its capacity to control by force. Therefore, it has to control what you think. ... One of the ways you control what people think is by creating the illusion that there's a debate going on, but making sure that that debate stays within very narrow margins. Namely, you have to make sure that both sides in the debate accept certain assumptions, and those assumptions turn out to be the propaganda system. As long as everyone accepts the propaganda system, then you can have a debate". - -Noam Chomsky (24/10/1986)
In a series of internal musings and memos to his staff, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld argued that Muslims avoid 'physical labor,' and wrote of the need to 'keep elevating the threat,' 'link Iraq to Iran' and develop 'bumper sticker statements' to rally public support for an increasingly unpopular [Iraq] war. - Robin Wright, Washington Post
"Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths". -Joseph Goebbels(09/01/1928)


First recipient of inaugural Bo Diddley Originator Award named.
The Bo Diddley Foundation and the City of Archer, Florida have announced that Dr. John A. Duff, Director of the School of Music at the University of Florida, has been selected to receive the first annual Bo Diddley Originator Award, to be presented at a gala dinner in Archer on "Bo Diddley Day", Thursday December 30th 2010.
Throughout his long and distinguished career, Dr. Duff has demonstrated a commitment to children and their education, as well as providing strong and focused leadership within the local community. These qualities, which mirror those that were among the most important to Bo Diddley during his lifetime, are most clearly embodied in Dr. Duff and we are therefore very happy to present Dr. Duff with the first Bo Diddley Originator Award.
Prior to coming to Florida in 2002, Dr. Duff was Director of the School of Music at Southwest Texas State University, now known as Texas State University in San Marcos. During the 1990s, Dr. Duff chaired the Department of Music and was professor of trombone studies at Western Kentucky University. From 1980 through 1991, he lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he taught at the University of Alaska.
Originally from the Northwest, Dr. Duff received his baccalaureate degrees from the University of Washington, where he studied conducting with Vilem Sokol and William D. Cole and trombone performance with Stuart Dempster. After five years of teaching music in the public schools in Yakima, WA during the 1970s, he left for Michigan State University where he studied conducting with Stanley DeRusha, trombone with Curtis Olson and music education with Robert Erbes and Robert Sidnell, earning his Master of Music and Ph.D. degrees.
As a teacher and conductor since 1973, Dr. Duff has worked with musicians from junior high through professional levels in the areas of band and orchestra. He has conducted nationally and internationally.
Dr. Duff's research interests include the life and music of Czech-American composer Karel Husa and Celtic music, including the classical music of the Scottish Highland bagpipe. He and his wife live in Gainesville, Florida and have two children and two grandchildren.
This year's "Bo Diddley Day" marks the 82nd anniversary of the late rock & roll founding father's birth in McComb, MS and will celebrate his lengthy and distinguished career, as well as his numerous charitable activities in the community.
Additionally, on New Year's Day (Saturday January 1st 2011), a celebratory day of music, games, vendors and food is to be staged at Archer's Robinson Park, along with a display of antique cars and hot rods. The events will support the Bo Diddley Foundation and the City of Archer programs focusing on educating and uplifting the children of the community.
Further announcements regarding the events marking "Bo Diddley Day" in December will follow in due course. Please check the following:
Keith Richards has revealed that The Rolling Stones will likely tour next year, and not only that, the band is set to begin working on new material after the holidays. The guitarist told the BBC that “everybody’s ready to go out there again.” He went on to say that the group has “a lot of unfinished stuff to work on” and that singer Mick Jagger and he will put their ideas together “in December or January.” Learn more at

Gregg Allman is working on his first solo record in 14 years. The rocker’s latest album will be called Low Country Blues and was produced by T Bone Burnett. It’ll boast covers of songs by blues legends like Muddy Waters, BB King and Buddy Guy. The record comes out on January 18th.
Yes, with their current line-up, have signed a new record deal with Frontier Records. The band’s next album, their first in nearly a decade, is due out next summer. It will be the first to feature Chris Squire and Steve Howe with new members Benoit David on vocals and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman. No word yet on what the new album will be titled.
On Friday, Robert Plant played in London with his new group, Band of Joy, an updated version of his pre-Led Zeppelin group with drummer John Bonham. At the show, which was part of BBC Radio’s Electric Proms Festival, Plant performed with the London Oriana Choir and now, you can hear it all. It’s currently streaming at
The U-K’s Royal Mint is selling a commemorative coin with John Lennon’s likeness on it. He was chosen by a public vote in which he bested other British cultural figures like author Jane Austen. According to the Associated Press, the coin has a face value of five pounds, or eight dollars, but costs 72 dollars to buy. The limited-edition item shows Lennon with long hair, sideburns and his trademark round glasses.
Did rock and roll begin in the past century or is it something that people in the Stone age took part in? A new book called The Secret History of Rock N’ Roll examines just that. The tome explores the genre’s hidden history, including the sex, drugs, make-up, costumes and even light shows that early Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used. Check out the connections between today’s rock and the ancient world by grabbing the book, which is out now.
Keith Richards is of course, best known for his work with The Rolling Stones, but during his tenure, the guitarist has released a pair of solo albums – 1988’s Talk is Cheap and 1992’s Main Offender. Now, remastered tracks off both of those records along with some newer songs have been compiled in a new collection due out this week. It’s called Vintage Vino and it also boasts cuts from 1988’s Live at the Hollywood Palladium.
Steven Spielberg has reached out to the Bee Gees with the hopes of creating a film about the group. According to, Robin Gibb has given the director permission to do the flick and is allowing him to use the band’s original recordings in it. The movie will trace the group’s history from their beginnings in England to their time as one of the biggest bands in pop music. No word yet on any other details on the film or when it might be released.
On November 16th, West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology hits shelves. The 4-CD/1-DVD set boasts four hours of rare and unreleased tracks plus a 90 minute documentary, showing the legendary guitarist on and off the stage. Jimi’s sister, Janie Hendrix, who runs his estate, told us how the rocker differed when he wasn’t in front of an audience.
(Cut #2) “You see this great artist, onstage performer that would put on a fabulous show, playing with his teeth, behind his back, between his legs, doing the splits, going backwards, humping the amp with his guitar and you go, ‘Whoa, mindblowing!’ And then, at home, he was really soft-spoken, he was really sweet, he was embarrassingly shy, he was almost apologetic, just the most sweetest, most purest soul that you could ever know.”
Learn more about Hendrix from his time as an R&B sideman to his time as an international star, by picking up West Coast Seattle Boy on November 16th. Get details at
Want to own Jimi Hendrix’s first Fender guitar? Well now you can. The rocker’s 1959 Fender Duo-Sonic is going up for bids in the U-K. Jimi used the tan guitar during a nine month stint in the Isley Brothers’s backing band in 1964 when he was known as Jimmy James. The guitar is expected to sell for at least 260-thousand dollars and you can check it out now
Back in the ‘90s. Rock N’ Roll Comics was a must have for some music fans and now, the title is coming back as newly packaged graphic novels. Pink Floyd Experience is in stores now while the Led Zeppelin graphic novel is due out next month. Head to your local comic store to see the bands’ histories illustrated in graphic novel form
ATLANTA, GA – Ruf Records announces the release of a special double-CD live set from legendary British progressive rock band, Colosseum, titledLive05, recorded at locations in Germany and Austria. Acclaimed British sound engineer Miles Ashton recorded all the tracks during the band’s summer 2005 tour on 24-track digital gear, and the results are evident from the first listen of Live05.

The band lineup on Live05 includes Jon Hiseman on drums, Chris Farlowe on vocals, Clem Clempson on guitar, Dave Greenslade on keyboards, Mark Clarke on bass and Barbara Thompson on saxes.

Considered one of the most influential early British progressive rock bands, Colosseum was founded in 1968 by phenomenal drummer Jon Hiseman, saxophonist extraordinaire Dick Heckstall-Smith and acclaimed bass player Tony Reeves, all of whom came from John Mayall’s legendary band, The Bluesbreakers. The other original members were guitarist James Litherland and keyboard master Dave Greenslade (who would go on to have an extensive and successful solo career, too). Litherland left the band after two albums and was replaced by Dave (“Clem”) Clempson (who would later go on to play with Steve Marriott in Humble Pie). British blues singing sensation Chris Farlowe signed on after the first three albums as lead singer. When Tony Reeves left to pursue a career in production, Mark Clarke became the new bassist. Sax player Barbara Thompson played in several early incarnations of Colosseum and became an official band member after the death of Dick Heckstall-Smith in 2004.

As a group, Colosseum made a great impression on the blooming subgenre of progressive rock, first with the energetic jazz and blues-influenced Those Who Are About to Die Salute You, with its unusual chord progressions and variant song structures, and then with the epic Valentyne Suite. The title track of Valentyne Suite, a 17-minute composition, pushed keyboardist Dave Greenslade into the spotlight of progressive music. The band’s sound fused an exciting blend of rock, jazz and blues, with classical keyboard accents.

Live 05 documents the band at their very best in wonderful European settings with enthusiastic audiences. Besides a stirring take of Jack Bruce’s cinematic classic song, “Theme from an Imaginary Western,” the 2-disc set features live versions of several of the songs from their seminal albums, including “Rope Ladder to the Moon,” “Stormy Monday Blues,” “Those Who Are About to Die,” “Lost Angeles” and “The Valentine Suite,” which showcases Greenslade’s amazing keyboard artistry. Together, the musicians in Colosseum create a powerful mix of rock, blues and jazz-fusion that transcends all musical barriers.







Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon

John Lennon

George Harrison

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Doctor Tim

Doctor Tim
Third Eye Past Infinity

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones
Satanic Majesty's Request

Rolling Stones 2000 light years

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Uncover Art

Favorite Records./Musicians (1-50)

  • Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
  • Beatles: Sgt. Peppers
  • Beatles: White Album
  • Led Zeppelin: 1
  • Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed
  • Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  • Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street
  • Led Zeppelin: 2
  • Beatles: Revolver
  • Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
  • Grateful Dead: Live '72
  • Cream: Disraeli Gears
  • Beatles: Abbey Road
  • Big Brother/Janis: Cheap Thrills
  • Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
  • Jeff Beck/Rod Steward: Faith
  • Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold As Love
  • Grateful Dead: Anthem to the Sun
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
  • Traffic: first one
  • Doors: first one
  • Rolling Stones: Satanic Majesties
  • Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
  • Spirit: The Family That Plays Together
  • Cream: Wheels of Fire
  • Stepenwolf: first one
  • Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • Greatful Dead: Aoxoxo..
  • Animals: Love Is
  • Pink Floyd: Ungamunga
  • Miles Davis: In a Silent Way
  • Tim Buckley: Blue Melody
  • Tim Leary/Jimi Hendrix: You Can Be Anyone
  • Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow
  • Doors: Soft Parade
  • Joe Cocker: first one
  • Ravi Shankar: Monterey
  • Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet
  • George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
  • Doors: Strange Days
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Weather Report: I Sing the Body Electric
  • Doors: Waiting for the Sun
  • John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
  • Grateful Dead: first
  • Zappa: Hot Rats
  • Traffic: Low Spark of High Heel Boys
  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung



Favorite Records/Musicians (50-100)

  • Tim Buckley: Greetings From LA
  • Allman Brothers: Live At the Filmore
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
  • John Mclaughlin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
  • Bob Dylan: Subterenean Homesick Blues
  • Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
  • Weather Report: second
  • Santana/McLauglin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Bob Dylan: Hwy 61 Revisited
  • Derek and the Dominoes: Layla
  • David Crosby: If I Could Remember My Name
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
  • Led Zeppelin: III
  • Pink Floyd: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  • Miles Davis: Live-Evil
  • Grateful Dead: live 90's
  • Beatles: Rubber Soul
  • Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • John Mclauglin: My Goal's Beyond
  • Santana: Welcome
  • Country Joe: Electric Music
  • Pink Floyd: Pompei
  • Moody Blues: Tomorrow
  • Who: Tommy
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Jimi Hendrix: Midnight Lightning
  • Frank Zappa: Us and Them
  • Quicksilver: first one
  • Spirit: Fresh Garbage
  • Mothers of Invention: Only in it for the Money
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishman
  • Bob Dylan: Another Side Of
  • Cream: Fresh
  • Yes: first
  • Who: Live at Leeds
  • Rolling Stones: High Tides
  • Tim Buckley: Safronia
  • King Crimson: Court of Crimson King



Favorite Records/Musicians(100-150)

  • Paul Butterfield-East West
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Voyage
  • Miles Davis: Seven Steps
  • Shawn Philips: Faces
  • Byrds: Notorious Bird Brothers
  • Steppenwolf: Monster
  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
  • Buffalo Springfield: Retrospect
  • Neil Young: first
  • Beatles: Let it Be
  • Pink Floyd: Meddle
  • Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  • Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
  • Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
  • Gong
  • Miles Davis: Big Fun
  • Neil Young: Zuma
  • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  • Doors: Morrison Hotel
  • Soft Machine-first
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to Home
  • Jefferson Starship: Blows Against the Empire
  • John Luc Ponty: Tales of...
  • Blind Faith
  • Neil Young: Harvest
  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
  • Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons
  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
  • Lauro Nyro: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
  • Spirit: Ice
  • Shawn Phillips: Colaboration
  • Rolling Stones: Only Rock and Roll
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
  • Pink Floyd: Animals
  • Traffic: Last Exit
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Cosmic Messenger
  • Steve Stills: first
  • Bob Marley: Exodus
  • Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Traffic: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Farm
  • It's A Beautiful Day: first
  • Pete Townsend: Who Came First
  • Mothers of Invention: Freak Out
  • Doors: LA Woman

Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot of Love

Hieronymus Bosch's

Hieronymus Bosch's