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Journey to the Heart of the Earth
March 2011, Guatemala

The Blue Mountains Music Festival
in New South Wales Australia 18 - 20 March

Friday and Saturday, January 21, 22, 2011
"Psychedelic Healing: A Workshop of the Soul"
by Neal M, Goldsmith, Ph.D. and Luba Evans
An interactive lecture (1/21, 7:30-1030PM, free) and an experiential workshop (1/22, 12-5PM, $60/person, gender balanced) on themes of soul, fear, love, and release from the book
Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (now the Brooklyn Dzong)
778 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

Breaking Convention: A Multidisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness
(April 2nd - 3rd, 2011, Kent, UK), featuring:

Rick Doblin, Amanda Feilding, Neal Goldsmith, Charles Grob,
Graham Hancock, Luis Eduardo Luna, Paul Devereux, Andy Letcher,
Peter Oehen, Bia Labate, Evgeny Krupitsky, Mike Jay, Val Curran,
Axel Klein, Andy Roberts and more.

April 2nd - 3rd, 2011, Kent, UK


U.S. Drug Agency Eavesdropping Extends 'Far Beyond'
Narcotics 26 Dec 2010

A Willie Nelson Christmas Carol.wmv

Did 'Shrooms Send Santa And His Reindeer Flying?

Don't Bogart That Joint!

Jaguar trips on DMT and
Reindeer eat Amanita mushrooms

Terence McKenna on DMT

Shona Banda - Live Free or Die
The making of cannabis oil


'I took magic mushroom drug psilocybin in clinical trial'

An MDA Experiment

Incensole acetate, an incense component, elicits psychoactivity
by activating TRPV3 channels in the brain

Democratizing Psychedelics, A New Era in
Spirituality and Religion.
bliptv video

Dirty Pictures now on Netflix
Filmmaker Étienne Sauret spotlights renowned chemist Alexander Shulgin,
a controversial figure who's best known for helping to promote the broad
use of MDMA (Ecstasy) as a therapeutic drug.

Shulgin's work led to the discovery of more than 200 other
mind-altering drugs, earning him a complex relationship with
the federal Drug Enforcement Administration --
and hero's status in the world of recreational drug users.

Ayahuasca and Human Destiny
-Dennis McKenna

Vine of the Soul film and trailer
An excellent documentary on Ayajuasca with bonus commentary
by Dennis Mckenna

Vine of the Soul
-ordering info

Deoxy drug news and much much more

Top 8 Drug Stories of 2010:
Momentum Is Building to End the Failed Drug War

Special issue of The Nation on drug policy issues:

Mike Crowley interview –
“Secret Drugs of Buddhism”

This Is Your Brain On Religion

'The Private Sea' by William Braden

Modern Utopians -- Revisiting the Amazing Communes
and Alternative Societies of the '60s and '70s

- part1 -youtube

Jerry Garcia Interview by Al Franken

Allen Ginsberg film-Howl

Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg 3

The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary
& Allen Ginsberg
White Hand Society
By Peter Conners

The Harvard Psychedelic Club,

Ghosts of Tim Leary and Hunter Thompson by Joe Bageant
Freedom vs. Authority under the 40-foot pulsating rainbow vagina

Timothy Leary and Michael Horowitz
on the Culture of Secrecy

Scientist Haunted By Misuse Of Drugs He Invented

Aldous Huxley interviewed
by Mike Wallace (1 of 3)

Mystery of the Sphinx
- part 1-youtube

Nat Geo Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife
480p [1/4] -youtube

DMT - Pineal gland
- Navigating the Afterlife

Secrets Of The Pineal Gland

Monde Spirituel

Are humans really beings of light?

Deva Premal and Miten
- Corfu Interview

Rainbow Spirit II
-Mother I Feel You Under My Feet

- Deva Premal & Miten with Manose


4 in 10 Americans Still Hold Creationist Views

Evolutionary Developmental Biology For
The Developmentally Retarded

Rediscovered Ancient Text Tells a
Different Three Wise Men Tale



The Psychedelic Ensemble -- The Myth of Dying
The first cd was a superb extension into deep states
of consciousness and now the next step beyond.

Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix
(Band of Gypsys)(Best Audio,Live)

Grateful Dead
- Run Rudolph Run 12/7/71

Grateful Dead
- If I Had The World to Give

Grateful Dead - China / Rider
- France 1971

Grateful Dead
- Death Don't Have No Mercy 10/09/1989 US

Jerry Garcia
- Cold Jordan

The Age of Aquarius

The Youngbloods
- Get Together


Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles LIVE !
Marbles & Lava

John McLaughlin
- Marbles

Buddy Miles
- Rockin And Rollin' On The Street Of Hollywood


Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
Unreleased Extended Mix

Dave Clark 5
- Glad all over

-Starship Trooper 1973

- Monster

-Won't Get Fooled Again

The Who
- Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version)

This is Track 16 on The Who's Album - Who's Next.
The original version of "Behind Blue Eyes" was recorded at
The Record Plant in New York, on March 18, 1971
and produced by Kit Lambert. Al Kooper on organ.
Previously unreleased.

- See Me, Feel Me - Listening to You (1975)

- When I Touch You (1970)

- Thank Christ For The Bomb 1970

Pink Floyd
- Run Like Hell (Live)

Jeff Beck
- A day in the life -(Jimmy Page was there!!)

Ten years after
- I'd love to change to world

- The Music Scene

The Ventures Live 1966 4/4

Miles Davis
- Airegin

Our friends Billy and Grace invite you to hear their
fabulous gypsy journey sounds

Acha Tsendep / Youtube 1st HD Tibetan Song

Beautifull sweet rock_pop_rap_sound of Tibet

Jamaican Anti-Gay 'Murder Music' Heard
by Millions in the US

Phil Ochs,
a Musical American Hero

William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
-new film

The Coen Brothers' True Grit:
Putting John Wayne to Shame

Free Documentaries :
Great Site!!!



Gulf-Stream(the loop) going, going, gone!!

My friend Jaman Tree's excellent blog site
"Another World Possible"

Japanese whalers, activists clash off Antarctica

Crabs, Birds, Fish:
No End to Mysterious Animal Deaths

Dr. Jane Goodall:
I'm not going to fight for animal rights

Obama admin. takes aim at China’s renewable-energy subsidies

China’s Maritime Silk Road Revealed

The Mediterraneans

Ancient Cyprus:
Where East Met West

Why Stewart Brand is wrong on nukes---and is losing

Native Americans sue to block big solar projects

New Congress Turns Its Sights on
Environmental Protection Agency

US Department of Defense is the
Worst Polluter on the Planet

Bhopal Water Still Toxic Twenty-five Years
After Deadly Gas Leak

Massacre in the Amazon:
The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a
Battle Over Land and Resources

The Oil Slick BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered
In Thick Layers On the Sea Floor Over An Area of
Several Thousand Square Miles

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying
A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill

DIY Homes Using Recycled Pallet Wood
- Appalachian Gothic Architecture

How to make a solar water heater from plastic bottles

Dark days for solar?
Huge California project sold off

Native American group sues to block
California’s big solar projects

Space Clearing Tips for the New Year


Genius Inventor Nikola Tesla's discovery forces you to harness
the FREE 200 Million Volt battery the power company has tried
to keep hush-hush for the past 109 years...

Farmer-scientist group wants to ‘hack society’ through
open-source technology

Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome Away.
Last Roll Processed


US to Vatican:
Genetically Modified Food Is a "Moral Imperative"

Monsanto & the Merchants of Death

Illnesses linked to BP Oil Disaster:
Widespread Sickness due to Toxic Chemicals

10 Best Health Articles of 2010

Natural News most important stories of the year

Why Exercising at This Time of Day is
FAR Better than Any Other Time...

The Popular Exercise That Tears Down Your Muscles
Rather Than Building Them Up

Suck This 'Magic Hormone' into Your Body and
Transform Your Health - Takes Just 20 Minutes

The "Sleep Mistake" Which Boosts Your Risk of Cancer

Turmeric Health Benefits:
Have a Happy New Year With Turmeric
by Dr. Andrew Weill

The Witch-Hunt that's Taking it To One of America's Healthiest Food Choices..
Raw Milk

The Soy and Other 'Natural' Food Products in
Your Cabinet May Contain a Dangerous Neurotoxin

Toxic Heavy Metals in 70 Ayurveda medicines

Herbal drug crackdown:
Europe to ban hundreds of natural remedies in UK next year

The Lethal Medical Failure That's Still Recommended
by Your Doctor

One of the WORST Winter Mistakes You Can Make
if You Live in These "25 Coldest Cities"

Manmade Problem Turned Deadlier than AIDS
- Is There Still Time to Correct Course?

Animals in factory farms are given doses of antibiotics
-- both to keep them alive in stressful, unsanitary conditions,
and to make them grow faster.
The practice leads to new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria,
such as the now-widespread form of staph (MRSA) known as ST398

A lifetime of Hot,
Sexy & Natural Birth Control

How Does Women's Desire Turn to Sexual Arousal?

Pharma's New Sales Pitch to Women:
If You Aren't Horny, It's 'Sexual Dysfunction'
-- Try These Pills


Floods hit Brisbane,
Australia's 3rd-largest city (AP)

Coup d’état
- The Historical Framework of Globalization

Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez
By Mike Whitney
While Bush and Obama were expanding their foreign wars and
pushing through tax cuts for the rich, Chavez was busy improving
the lives of the poor and needy while fending off the latest wave
of US aggression.

What Would Einstein Say?
By Fidel Castro
Today the leaders of the State of Israel practice genocide
and are associating themselves with the most reactionary
forces on the planet.

Castro's doctors and nurses are the backbone of the fight against cholera
Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame
By Nina Lakhani

What's Happening On The Korean Peninsula?

Did Pfizer Bribe Its Way Out of Criminal Charges in Nigeria?
By Walter Armstrong
The cables suggest that the world's largest drug maker
may have blackmailed the head of Nigeria's Ministry of Justice
into dropping a $6 billion criminal lawsuit.

US Targets EU Over GM Crops

Iceland Interior Minister Says Wikileaks-case
is “Odd and Grave”

Sweatshop Workers Risk Being Burned Alive

Europe's Mafia State. Hub of the EU-NATO Drug Trail

Kosovo's Prime Minister Accused of Running Human Organ,
Drug Trafficking Cartel

"Freedom Fighters" Financed by Organised Crime.

Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza

Israeli warplanes attack Gaza refuge
Rami Almeghari, The Electronic Intifada,

US Cable Reveals
Israel Deliberately Choked Gaza
Israel deliberately maintained the economy of the Gaza strip
"on the brink of collapse a leaked US diplomatic cable
from 2008 showed Wednesday.

Betrayal in Beirut;
Wikileaks fingers collaborators in Lebanese government
By Mike Whitney
The Lebanese government collaborated with US officials
in a way that ensured that Lebanese civilians would be killed..

Israel demanded bribes for goods entering Gaza:

Israeli Military Kills Shepherd in Beit Lahya

Osama bin Dead awhile
by Keith Johnson
"He died in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan on December 13, 2001.
He was buried in an unmarked grave within 24 hours of his death.
Case closed."

I'll Reveal Info That Will Spark Arab World Coups

WikiLeaks founder tells Al Jazeera leaked documents in his possession
show top Arab
officials disclose sensitive information to CIA

China clones & sells Russia's top Jet Fighter

Ratifying the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Russians rally against racism

THE SHAME OF SAUDI ARABIA, and the Silence of the Muslim Ummah
"The bottom line is this, the Saudi Arabia of today is very,
very different from the Saudi Arabia that Malcolm X
(El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) wrote about in 1964 - when he made Hajj!"

For Christians in Iraq,
a Christmas of Mourning and Fear

The Other Face of the Global Economic Crisis:
Debt Driven Suicides in India

By Kavaljit Singh

Air India Express Pilot Saves 113 Passengers
After Plane Plunges 7,000 Feet During His

Bathroom Break
12- 2-10

Former Marxist guerrilla sworn in
as president of Brazil

1.2 Billion People in India
to be Given Biometric ID Cards

Swiss men with CIA links face nuclear secrets trial
By Tony Paterson

America in Decline:
Why Germans Think We're Insane



Dem AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Killed,
Shot In Head At Point Blank Range

Kennedy Points Finger at Sarah Palin

Top US Official Murdered After Arkansas
Weapons Test Causes Mass Death

Medea Benjamin:
More Than Ten Good Things to Celebrate in a Bad Year

By Paul Craig Roberts
The most uncomfortable truth that emerges from the
WikiLeaks saga is that American public discourse consists
of cries for revenge against those who tell us truths.

2011: Prospects for Humanity?
By Francis A. Boyle
Future, what future? I am extremely pessimistic.
In my opinion the world is moving ineluctably towards a
third world war-a strategic nuclear war. I do not believe
that anything can be done to prevent it.

8 Ways We're Making America a Better Place
-- in Spite of the Disasters Coming out of Washington

Off The Rails:
The Year In Fox News Misinformation

The US Media Hit on Helen Thomas

Joe Bageant Very Ill

Several Joe Bageant essays have been featured on THS,
but if you want to check out all, and/or download some in
.pdf format, go to

America Has Gone Away
Paul Craig Roberts
Anyone who doesn't believe that the US is an incipient fascist state
needs only to consult the latest assault on civil liberty by Fox News
(sic). Instead of informing citizens, Fox News (sic) informs on citizens.

The New Voodoo

How America Turned into a Nation of Speedfreaks

Who Killed the Disneyland Dream?

The Social Basis of America's Imperial Politics:
Rethinking Imperialist Theory

By Prof James Petras

Our American ancestors-
In today's encore excerpt - the very early British colonizers
of America in the 1600s and 1700s needed laborers for their
new colonies, and so turned in many cases to convicts, children
and other forced migrants:

Eight Homeless Youth Die in Fire
What Does it Say About the U.S.?
By Bill Quigley
Will we look into our abandoned buildings and look into the eyes
of our abandoned daughters and sons and sisters and brothers?

A Holiday Statement From Bradley Manning

WikiLeaks Exposed US and Hillary's Hopelessness
By Robert Fisk
That Clinton should want her State Department slaves to play
secret agents on the poor old UN shows what an utterly worthless
institution the US State Department has become.

WikiLeaks' Most Terrifying Revelation
Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us
By Fred Branfman
Wikileaks has shown that our government and military
form a 'vast lying machine' that perpetrates mass murder in our name.

WikiLeaks demands Google and Facebook
unseal US subpoenas

HGulf Oil Spill:
Biggest cover-up in US history

The Wrath of Fools:
An Open Letter to the Far Right

Excellent alternative news and views

Anti-Empire Report,
January 1, 2011


Veterans for Peace
White House Civil Disobedience to End War

Black-Out in DC:
Pay No Attention to Those Veterans Chained
to the White House Fence

Largest Military Budget Since World War II
By Rick Rozoff

Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich

New generation of unmanned spy planes is being tested

US Drone Attacks Are No Laughing Matter, Mr. Obama

Obama Should Read WikiLeaks on Afghanistan

Beyond WikiLeaks:
The Privatization of War

Rape Rampant in US Military

Engelhardt, War Is a Drug

Army's "Spiritual Fitness"
Test Comes Under Fire

Truthout Report on Military "Spirituality Test"
Featured by Keith Olbermann


Republicans Aim Info-War at Obama

-Reading Republicans Get Interrupted by Obama Birther,
Spectacle Skewered by Jon Stewart

Jerry Brown to live in walkable neighborhood for his new stint
as California governor

How the Right's Rhetoric Fueled the Actions
of Arizona's Mass Murderer

How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe

Bringing the 'Bush Six' to Justice
If those responsible for the Bush administration's torture policy
will not face charges
in the US, then in Spain it must be

Media Continually Dismisses Henry Kissinger’s
Long History Of Complicity In Human Rights Abuses

Paranoid Right Wingers Think Obama Wants to
Give America Back to Native Americans

Real-Life "Rosie the Riveter," Feminist Icon,
Dies at 86

Our Founding Fathers Were Liberal,
NOT Conservative

This Is Going to Suck
The American people were treated on Thursday to a (mostly) full
and complete reading of the Constitution of the United States from
the floor of the House of Representatives. The performance was
proposed and organized by the new Republican majority in that
chamber for the purpose - according to them, anyway -
of announcing that America is about to start going back to being
America again. There's an irony in this, insofar as they chose to skip
the Constitutional parts about African Americans not really
being people. That portion of the document is a vital part of our
shared history, so yeah, leave it to the GOP to to snip, redact
and edit our founding document, even if it's just in a bit of political theater.


Wall St's 10 Biggest Lies of 2010

End of the Recession? Who's Kidding Whom?
By Immanuel Wallerstein
"The United States wants to believe in an economic upturn."
Exactly, they "want to believe" it, and not only people in
the United States. But is it so?

Mary Bottari | Full Catastrophe Banking in 2011

Bank of America Scrambling to Mount Defense Amid
Threat of Devastating WikiLeaks Reveal

The Real Foreclosure Crisis:
Who Owns The Mortgages?

Our Money is NOT Real
Joseph Farrell


Why Corporate Capital and Finance Are Waging
an All-Out Cyberwar Against Wikileaks

Banks and WikiLeaks

Robert Scheer | In Money-Changers We Trust

47.8 Million People Live in Poverty
-- Far More Than Previously Thought

Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Entertains Newly Elected
Republicans on the First Day of the New Congress

Spinning Unemployment Figures in a Collapsing Empire


The Working Poor

Wage Theft Is Rampant in America
-- Is Your Boss Ripping You off?

The True Cost of Chevron

Congress sticks it to U.S. farmers with passage of
food safety bill that will actually cause fresh produce
to be more dangerous

Kucinich moves to abolish the Federal Reserve

AP-GfK Poll:
Baby boomers fear outliving Medicare

7 Reasons Why Capitalism Can't Recover Anytime Soon

In the Twilight of the Social State


Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater
The largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater
(now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold
to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009
after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses
in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private
contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,”
that practices state terrorism by giving the government the
opportunity to deny it.

We Can't Always Be Lucky
By Charles Peña

Americans need to realize that building an absolute and perfect
defense against terrorism is a Quixotic quest.
- Intrusive pat-downs and body scans could be just the beginning.

Orwell Would Be Proud:
GOP to Remove the Word "Labor" from Committee

Obama's Liberty Problem:
Why Indefinite Detention by Executive Order Should Scare
the Hell Out of People

WikiLeaks demands Google and Facebook
unseal US subpoenas

Locking Up Whistleblower Bradley Manning in
Solitary Confinement Puts America's Depravity on Full Display

Bradley Manning Suffering Extreme Isolation Prison Torture
by Our Goverment
-- Courageous Whistleblower 'Physically Deteriorating'

Tortured Until Proven Guilty:
Bradley Manning and the Case Against Solitary Confinement
By Lynn Parramore
"It's an awful thing, solitary," wrote former Vietnam prisoner
John McCain in Faith of My Fathers. "It crushes your spirit and
weakens your resistance more effectively than any other
form of mistreatment."

Guantánamo is "A Piece of Hell that Kills Everything"
By Andy Worthingto
Andy Worthington reveals a distressing letter from Guantanamo
by Yemeni prisoner Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif.

Andy Worthington Guantanamo Prison,
Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Why Did Former Bush-Administration Official Wind Up
Dead In A Delaware Landfill?

Almost Everything Is A Crime In America Now:
14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For

Cops you won't see on TV's COPS

Medical Neglect Stalks Georgia Prisons

The tunnel people of Las Vegas:
How 1,000 live in flooded labyrinth under Sin City's shimmering strip

The "Family"
- Who Really Is Behind This Secret Organization?

New Guidelines:
One Tip Could Put You on the Terrorist Watch List
(And Good Luck Getting Off it)

The TSA's State
-Mandated Molestation

Woman Who Stripped Down to Lingerie in Protest of TSA
Gets Banned From Flight

Video Catches San Francisco Police Shooting Man in Wheelchair

Big Brother:
America's Police State Mentality in the Electronic Age

Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans

America's Next Failure:
the Police State

FBI told Clinton prosecutor about details of 9/11
‘attack’ weeks in advance

New research:
post-9/11 architecture of fear turns cities into police state zones

Homeland Blather
"It is disturbing to listen to Representative Peter King,
the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.
He has announced plans to hold a hearing next month into what
he calls the "radicalization of the American Muslim community"

Is Free Will Simply a Myth?
The Uncomfortable Truth About Mind Control
By Michael Mosley
In the Sixties, a groundbreaking series of experiments found
that 65 per cent of us would kill if ordered to do so.

Earth -
The Insane Asylum

Top US Official Murdered After Arkansas
Weapons Test Causes Mass Death

William Hartung,
Lockheed Martin's Shadow Government

World's time is up in 2012 as 'Armageddon will destroy Earth',
campaigners believe

Armageddon in 2012?
The truth behind the doomsday theories

Chemtrails In the Bible

Are the UFOs appearing in Russia skies in Dec. 2010
Fulham’s predicted UFO wave?

NZ military releases UFO files

Romanian Witches Use Spells to Protest New Taxes


"Considering the natural lust for power so inherent in man, I fear the thirst of power will prevail to oppress the people." -- George Mason -- (1725-1792), drafted the Virgina Declaration of Rights, ally of James Madison and George Washington - Source: The Papers of George Mason, 1052 (Robert A. Rutland Ed., 1970)

"The major western democracies are moving towards corporatism. Democracy has become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies - socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor - and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is not democracy. It is to politics what McDonalds is to food". -John Pilger

"Must the citizen ever for a moment, or in the least degree, resign his conscience to the legislator? Why has every man a conscience then? I think that we should be men first, and subjects afterward." - - Henry David Thoreau - "Civil Disobedience.

"All the public business in Congress now connects itself with intrigues, and there is great danger that the whole government will degenerate into a struggle of cabals." -- John Quincy Adams - (1767-1848) 6th US President

"Dissent is what rescues democracy from a quiet death behind closed doors." -Lewis H. Lapham

"As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests". Gore Vidal

"I believe Gandhi is the only person who knew about real democracy - not democracy as the right to go and buy what you want, but democracy as the responsibility to be accountable to everyone around you. Democracy begins with freedom from hunger, freedom from unemployment, freedom from fear, and freedom from hatred. To me, those are the real freedoms on the basis of which good human societies are based." Vandana Shiva

"I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance." - Ruben Blades

"When we tolerate what we know to be wrong--when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy, or too frightened--when we fail to speak up and speak out--we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice". - Robert Francis Kennedy


"Let them call me a rebel and I welcome it; I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of demons should I make a whore of my soul". - Thomas Paine


"By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy - indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self satisfaction." - William Osler

It is easy enough to tell the poor to accept their poverty as God's will when you yourself have warm clothes and plenty of food and medical care and a roof over your head and no worry about the rent. But if you want them to believe you - try to share some of their poverty and see if you can accept it as God's will yourself! Thomas Merton

"I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against." - Malcolm X

"Try as I may I can not escape the sound of suffering. Perhaps as an old man I will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in their prime, if they have convictions are tasked to act on them." -- Julian Assange, 2007

"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence." Leonardo da Vinci


"To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men." Ella Wheeler Wilcox


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Worse than apathy is defeatism. The defeatist recognizes the problem that the apathetic person doesn't see, yet has convinced himself that there is nothing he can do and therefore washes his hands of all responsibility." Laurence Overmire


"Hear me people: We now have to deal with another race---small and feeble when our fathers first met them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough they have a mind to till the soil and the love of possessions is a disease with them. They take their tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule." - Chief Sitting Bull

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." A.

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war and until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there is war. And until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained... now everywhere is war.”
Bob Marley

Rock great Chuck Berry falls ill at New Year's show
CHICAGO (Reuters) – Rock 'n' roll great Chuck Berry was feeling fine and headed back to his hometown of St. Louis, associates said on Sunday, hours after the musician fell ill during a New Year's performance in Chicago.
The 84-year-old entertainer startled fans on Saturday night when he slumped over his electric piano before a crowd of some 3,000 at Chicago's Congress Theater and had to be helped off stage.
Berry returned about 30 minutes later, waved to the crowd and said he was OK, according to concert-goer Jim O'Malley. Then, as if to reassure the audience, he did an abbreviated version of his signature duck-walk move before leaving the stage again.
An assistant to Berry said in a telephone on Sunday morning that the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer he was feeling well and returning to his home outside St. Louis in the afternoon.
Another associate, Joe Edwards, owner of the Blueberry Hill nightclub in St. Louis where Berry performs monthly, told Reuters, "I spoke to people with him, and he is en route to St. Louis and he is OK."
"He is in flight right now. I think he was just tired," Edwards added. "He is in phenomenal health, and he doesn't drink or smoke and is a very strong person."
Hotel staff at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, where Berry was staying, also told Reuters they saw the performer on Sunday morning and that he looked good.
O'Malley said Berry had appeared to be struggling through much of Saturday night's set, and paused a number of times for difficulties with his guitar, before he finally ceased performing about an hour into the show, slumped at the piano and waved for help.
"He appeared to be very tired, and seemed disappointed that the set didn't go well. But he also seemed physically drained and not steady on his feet," O'Malley told Reuters.
Some members of the crowd shouted, "We love you, Chuck!" as the performer, known for such rock 'n' roll standards as "Johnnie B. Goode," "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Sweet Little Sixteen," walked off stage with the help of two assistants.
"There was definitely a strong sense of concern and affection for the man," O'Malley said of the audience.
A local fire department spokesman said Berry had complained of feeling ill before Saturday's concert and was checked out by paramedics before going on stage.
Edwards said paramedics also were present when the show ended, but Berry declined medical treatment.
The musician arrived in Chicago for the show, billed as "Chuck Berry's Winter Dance Party," after playing for a New Year's Eve celebration the night before in New York City.
"He really is in remarkable health for someone 84. He still cuts his own grass and is an active person," Edwards said.
Berry's next performance at Blueberry Hill is slated for January 19 and already is sold out, he added.
Jimi Hendrix Biopic Cancelled; Parties Argue Over Fault
The biopic of Jimi Hendrix that was in the planning stages at Legendary Pictures has been pulled at the request of Experience Hendrix, the overseers of all things Jimi.
Reports say that the people at Experience Hendrix got cold feet on the deal after considering the ongoing success of the Hendrix catalog and the hit that the Doors' catalog supposedly took after the release of the Olvier Stone film.

Legendary Pictures had already acquired Paul Greengrass to direct the film and Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) as the star but executives felt that they just couldn't go forward when the soundtrack would be limited to only covers of other people's songs that Hendrix performed.

Thomas Tull, the head of Legendary Pictures, recently said "Unless Experience Hendrix has a change of heart, the movie has gone up in flames."

Janie Hendrix, Jimi's step-daughter and the controller of Experience Hendrix, contacted Mike Fleming from Deadline New York to say "Legendary proceeded without our permission, direction or involvement. It didn't 'fall apart,' it never was. When we do the Jimi Hendrix feature film bio, we will be involved and in control from the beginning."

Producer Bill Gerber replied to Fleming, "To say we proceeded without permission isn't fair. Thomas Tull couldn't have been more generous and eager to collaborate with the estate. He was ready go finance their version of Jimi's story, he got a script that made The Black List and brought Paul Greengrass to the party. It boggles the mind."
Motorhead have announced their latest North American tour, which will support their new album, The World is Yours, due out on the 8th. The trek kicks off on January 25th in Anaheim, California and runs through mid-March. During the jaunt, the guys will celebrate their 35th anniversary and the release of the new record. Get all the dates at
Ronnie Wood wants the Rolling Stones to play at England’s Glastonbury festival next summer. The guitarist told the U-K’s Metro that it’s “high time” the band got back together to play after their three year break. He added that he’d love to do Glastonbury saying, “I’m always up for the festivals.” It seems that every year the band is rumored to play Glastonbury but we’ll know for sure who’s performing when the line-up for the June event is announced in April.
The white suit John Lennon wore on the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album sold this weekend for 46-thousand dollars at an auction in Connecticut. According to the Associated Press, the winning bidder wished to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, a Connecticut man paid 55-hundred bucks for the rusted green 1972 Chrysler station wagon Lennon and Yoko Ono once owned.
George Martin celebrates 85th birthday. The legendary producer is best known for his work with The Beatles. Here he is reflecting on his time working with the Fab Four.
(Cut #3) “There are lots of giggles we had, lots of fun we had. The Beatles were great people to work with in the studio. I mean, obviously, we had our problems and wrangles and frustrations but listening to those recordings again, I am amazed at the quality of them. Particularly, the quality of the songs.”
You can celebrate George’s birthday by listening to those quality Beatles songs.
Bassist John Paul Jones turns 65. The rocker spent a dozen of his years in Led Zeppelin and the band could’ve been around for longer had drummer John Bonham not passed away in 1980. So what does John think would’ve happened had Bonzo never died?
(Cut #1) “We were optimistic. I knew it would have been interesting. It would’ve been musically interesting and it would’ve been nice to see us happy again. We were getting happy again. There were a few dark moments at the end of the ‘70s.”
These days, Jones is part of Them Crooked Vultures alongside Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. The guys are working on their second album, which may come out this year.

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