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Links By George April 5, 2010

As some of our friends already know, Stephanie had completed a short video about our Nimbin experience to a soundtrack from an original song of our son John.
Her latest updated YouTube is called, "Show Me the Way to Paradise II".
Check it out at the bottom of this week's links below.

Or check out her channel as we would enjoy hearing your comments.

Link to my radio show live stream on Wednesday nights
between 8-11 pm (Sydney time)

NIM-FM streaming php?page=listen

World Clock-Time Zone to calculate the time and date worldclock/

Another suggestion for tuning into the radio station on the internet is first to go to the website

On left column click on Listen then Tune In. It should come up with a player you have on your computer such as QuickTime or VLC.


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Sunrise Celebration 2010 June 3-6

Living Together Gathering
Byron Bay April 8-12

Into the Light art exhibit with Robbie
April 28 to May 1
Glastonbury UK


Where is Nimbin?
Accomodation guide and orrientation for upcoming
Mardi Grass festival May 2

Mushroom John's: Tales of the Shroom

Ayahuasca diet suggestions

Not Feeling Well? Perhaps You're 'Marijuana Deficient'

Will the Coca (Cocaine) Return to Coca Cola?
In Bolivia It Will

Marijuana's illegal status attained through racism,
fraud and greed

California Will Vote on Marijuana Legalization This Year!

Marijuana Legalization on the CA Ballot:
Separating Fact from Fiction

Drugs Tsar's links to aristocrats group lobbying
to liberate laws on mind-bending drugs

Cannabis coin released in Benin

It's a Stoners Life-funny youtube

The $250,000 Joint

The Playboy article "The New Psychedelic Renaissance"

Must Read Book on the CIA Experimenting with LSD
on Human Guinea Pigs

How Marijuana Can Fix California


Psilocybin and the Concept of Natural Intelligence

Salvia Divinorum Psychoacoustic Sound Frequency

Wasiwaska Research Centre for the study
of psychointegrator plants, visionary art and consciousness

Timothy Leary's Politics of Ecstasy reprint

Get "Brotherhood of Eternal Love and Its Quest
to Spread Peace, Love, and Acid"

Destination Subconscious: Cary Grant and LSD


“Shamanic tearings-apart are common features of
any archetypal journey: the dissolution and reforming
of the soul, or the mind or of a way of seeing, is a powerful
method for the artist.”

The Psychedelic Worldview and the 3D Experience

a journey of awakening-trailer

Seeding Mayan Knowledge & Wisdom - South America

Global Brain Project

Get "God and His Demons" Slaying the Sacred Cows
of Organized Religions

Gregory Sams is a cultural change agent and author

Gabrijela Solomon.03-23-10 interview discussing her
many levels of healing, past lives and other interests-youtube

Gabrijela Solomon's Life among Native Americans-book

Gabrijela Solomon's Life in the Jungle / Reincarnation
and Past Lives -book trailer-youtube

More youtubes of Gabrijela

Lessons of Jung's Encounter with Native Americans

Out There:
UFO sightings and updates

Dissident Catholic Bishop Calls for Pope to Resign
over Sex Abuse Scandal

Jane Bell's workshops on flower essences

Russian scientist photographs souls

April Fools' Day origins & folklore


Psychedelic art of Robbie

Mushroom John's True Colors art portals

Adam Pinson's beautiful mosaic art dimensions

Craig in Australia offers the most extraordinary
kaleidoscopes in the southern hemisphere

Just Imagine 1930 movie about the future

Sale: The Complete Monty Python 16 DVD

Megaset. 1749 Minutes.

Marx Brothers Box Set. Different Films.

The Concert That Officially Ushered in
Rock 'N Roll": New DVD Launch
The TAMI show

The Golden Age of Blues, Live DVD:
The British Tours

Experience Hendrix tour

The beautiful music of Heidi Little

Dave Julian is a musician, eco activist, friend
and neighbor. Check out his many links of interest
including beautiful photos of the area around us in Nimbin

Our son John Douvris finally has a website.
Check it out as well as the ongoing sound samples adding

The Essential Thelonious Monk
[Original recording remastered] CD

Available Now: Robin Williams in
"Weapons of Self Destruction" (DVD)

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall:
Their 4 Movies Together Boxset

Rapidshare Aims To Convert Pirates Into Customers

A novel of fantasy and adventure
by Graham Hancock video trailer

Interview with Alexandro Jodorowsky
by Akira Natchi


The Oldest Trees on the Planet

Village lighting project in Nepal

Ask Nestlé's International CEO to stop
buying palm oil from destroyed rainforest


The Looming Water Disaster That Could
Destroy California, and Enrich Its Billionaire Farmers

Cloud seeding

Help Protect Tropical Rainforests

Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time

Real Life Mordor in New Zealand's National Parks?

18 Weird and Wonderful Places To Live:
Churches, Bunkers, Water Towers and Caves

Cro Magnon skull shows that our brains have shrunk
March 15, 2010 by Lisa Zyga Cro Magnon brain

Mysterious Whale Die-Off Is Largest on Record

Seeing the songs of whales


Dan Nocera talks about Sun Catalytix, the next
generation of solar energy using photosynthesis-youtube

Brain scans could be marketing tool of the future.

Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax

Self-Replicating Molecules


Amid Poverty, Navajo Community Blows
Away Rest of US in Safe Birthing Statistics

Health Alliance says EU vitamin laws must change track

Poop Is the Most Important Indicator of Your Health

Chef Jamie Oliver: Why the U.S. Is One of the
Unhealthiest Countries in the World

Engineered Poison Lurking in Your Everyday Food?

Secrets of Microwave Cooking


The Dark Side of the Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot

Corn Syrup is much worse than table sugar

How Junk Food Is Marketed to Toddlers

Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to
a Store Near You

In a D.C. school, the simple power of a good breakfast

Moby on Why He Went Vegan and What He
Thinks of 'Conscientious Carnivores'

Silicon Valley investors place bets on sustainable ag

Chef's Breast Milk Cheese Curdles Up Controversy


Healing benefits of Iodine

How a Chiropractor's discovery may save your
back with amino acid therapy

Are You Afraid to Plan for Your Own Death?

Healthiest and happiest countries


Greek song for Palestine

Greek Impasse Deepens as Trichet Rejects Loan Subsidy

Economic power grab by EU: Plan to control Britain’s
economy as Europe bails out Greece

NATO Completes Takeover Of Former Yugoslavia

In Australia aboriginals are still murdered by police,
without impunity.

Namibia - Genocide and the Second Reich
(European imperialism [racism] - reparations)

UN report: World's biggest cities merging
into 'mega-regions'

Queen Elizabeth Worth $33 Trillion

Shopaholic China

Pedophilia in the Catholic Church: Coverup
Operation at the Vatican?
Pope Ratzinger's Swan Song



Joe Bageant: March 2010 posts on whats up in america


Soldiers on Sale...
Who's In Charge of These Hired Killers?
By Eric S. Margolis
Private mercenary firms like Xe (formerly Blackwater)
and DynCorp have raked in fortunes running private
armies for the US. They are major donors to the
far right of the Republican Party. Deeply worried civil
libertarians call these private armies potential
Brownshirts, after the Nazi Party's private army in
the late 1920's.

Our Government Is Planning to Stay at War for
the Next 80 Years
Anyone Got a Problem with That?
By Tom Hayden
Without public debate and without congressional hearings,
a segment of the Pentagon and fellow travelers have
embraced a doctrine known as the Long War.

Briton tells court of the moment he saw American activist
fall as she tried to defend Palestinian homes
'I saw Israeli bulldozer kill Rachel Corrie'
By Donald Macintyre in Haifa
Peace activist Rachel Corrie is shown at the
Burning Man festival

Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Going to Extremes
to Suppress Video

Holographic Images as a weapon

NATO Killed School Children and Pregnant Women
Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller
By Derrick Crowe
- Warning - This video contains disturbing images.

Media Disinformation regarding
America’s Afghan War

Obama's Surprise Trip to Afghanistan:
A Pro-War Pep Rally

The Pentagon is using Haiti as a Training
Ground for Afghanistan

Our Government Is Planning to Stay at War for
the Next 80 Years -- Anyone Got a Problem with That?

More evidence for 'Arizona Lights' as a holographic projection?

Discharged soldiers sue for millions over
Anthrax experiment

BBC now admits al qaeda never existed


Excellence in political news and views

What Went Wrong with the Dream of Peace in
the '60s? Superb Book. Get It.

Ten Things You Can Do to Help
Progressive Journalism

An Open Letter to Republicans from
Michael Moore

The 10 Most Outrageous Right-Wing Freakouts
Over the Health Care Bill

Tea Party Hypocrites

War, Racism and the Empire of Poverty
When Empire Hits Home, Part 1

Frank Rich: Racism at the Root of the Virulent Hate
in the GOP and Tea Party

Tea party protesters scream 'nigger' at black congressman

Democrats fear for their families:
Violent Legacy of the GOP/Tea Party/RW Media

There Will Be Blood Spilled If the Republicans Keep
Matching Their Message with Violent Talk

Anti-Obama billboards spring up in Atlanta. Disgusting.

Moon cult ties with US legislature

Why Democracy Is "The Biggest Scam in the World"
An Interview With Arundhati Roy - Video - Audio & Transcript
We speak with acclaimed Indian writer and activist
Arundhati Roy on President Obama, the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan, India and Kashmir and much more.
Roy also talks about her journey deep into the forests
of central India to report on the Maoist insurgency.

When 'We the People' Lost America
By Len Hart
One day, a new generation will awaken to the harm done
this country during those halcyon years when Uncle Ronnie
made the 'gopper-inclined' feel good about themselves as
only goppers and the gopper-inclined can feel good about
themselves while stepping over people made homeless
by their policies.

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It
By Paul Craig Roberts
There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword.
That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded
truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for
government, class, race, ideological, personal, or
financial interest.

John Atcheson: March Madness:
Why Progressives Always Lose

Noam Chomsky: Globalization Marches On

Idiot America "How Stupidity Became Virtue"

Ice Queen Clinton leaves Bilderberg King at
Arctic Summit

Are Americans as Stupid as the Media Think
They Are? (Maybe)

Is America 'Yearning For Fascism?'
By Chris Hedges The Democrats and their liberal apologists
are so oblivious to the profound personal and economic
despair sweeping through this country that they think
offering unemployed people the right to keep their
unemployed children on their nonexistent health care
policies is a step forward.

Christian Warrior Militia Plotted Domestic Uprising

Modern Slavery Museum Is an Eerie Reminder of
How Little We've Progressed


Social Inequality in America: Widening Income Disparities.
By Vi Ransel
Reforms, regulatory agencies and elections themselves
are America's Circus Maximus, mere flourishes on the
veneer of democracy painted over the naked concentration
of power accrued to the few who hold the reins of the
corporate mechanism, the most stunningly efficient means
ever invented for accumulating and concentrating wealth,
which is then translated into political power.

Bank For International Settlements (BIS): How
The Rothschilds Control And Dictate To The World

Why Are We Afraid of Saying "Socialism"?

Obama's Health Plan and the Impoverishment
of the Middle Class
Selected Articles

Tent Slums Spring Up in America
By Jeffrey Feldman
Concentrations of homeless people are nothing new in
America, but recent BBC and Los Angeles Times reports
depict a rising trend of shanty slums, such as a "city"
of newly homeless people living in tents near the Ontario
airport in Los Angeles.

Workhouse Nation
The Plight of Mass Unemployment in America. What are the Causes
By Vi Ransel
The wage slave system wasn't escape-proof enough,
so we've been enclosed within a fence of debt from
which there is no escape. To that end wages will be
halved - again. Foreclosures strictly carried out.
Insurance for health, like that for cars, will be mandatory.
Unions have already been neutralized, reduced to shells
of their former selves. Free speech is relegated to zones
behind barbed wire fences policed by minions of mammon
armed with gas, guns and tasers.


Jesse Ventura's Censored 9/11 Commentar
The following column by former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura
was removed by Huffington Post after it was published
March 9 and replaced with a note that states the site
"prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy
theories -- including those about 9/11."

'9/11 panel was warned not to probe too deeply'

The real truth about who pulled off 9/11!


America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship

Chinese Media: Google Is Tied to U.S. Intelligence

Civilian Military Force in the Health care
bill who'da thunk
Why is the media silent about the creation of
Obama's private army?

City cops in full military gear toting sidearms,
M16 assault rifles patrol NY subways


Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis
planned a Fourth Reich the EU

The Bush - Nazi Connection- video

Depopulation by Government Edict

Armed Tax Police Prepare To Sweep Across America
As Revolution Feared Near



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  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung



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  • Tim Buckley: Greetings From LA
  • Allman Brothers: Live At the Filmore
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
  • John Mclaughlin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
  • Bob Dylan: Subterenean Homesick Blues
  • Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
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  • Bob Dylan: Hwy 61 Revisited
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  • Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
  • Led Zeppelin: III
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  • Miles Davis: Live-Evil
  • Grateful Dead: live 90's
  • Beatles: Rubber Soul
  • Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • John Mclauglin: My Goal's Beyond
  • Santana: Welcome
  • Country Joe: Electric Music
  • Pink Floyd: Pompei
  • Moody Blues: Tomorrow
  • Who: Tommy
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Jimi Hendrix: Midnight Lightning
  • Frank Zappa: Us and Them
  • Quicksilver: first one
  • Spirit: Fresh Garbage
  • Mothers of Invention: Only in it for the Money
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishman
  • Bob Dylan: Another Side Of
  • Cream: Fresh
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  • Tim Buckley: Safronia
  • King Crimson: Court of Crimson King



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  • Paul Butterfield-East West
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Voyage
  • Miles Davis: Seven Steps
  • Shawn Philips: Faces
  • Byrds: Notorious Bird Brothers
  • Steppenwolf: Monster
  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
  • Buffalo Springfield: Retrospect
  • Neil Young: first
  • Beatles: Let it Be
  • Pink Floyd: Meddle
  • Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  • Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
  • Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
  • Gong
  • Miles Davis: Big Fun
  • Neil Young: Zuma
  • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  • Doors: Morrison Hotel
  • Soft Machine-first
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to Home
  • Jefferson Starship: Blows Against the Empire
  • John Luc Ponty: Tales of...
  • Blind Faith
  • Neil Young: Harvest
  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
  • Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons
  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
  • Lauro Nyro: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
  • Spirit: Ice
  • Shawn Phillips: Colaboration
  • Rolling Stones: Only Rock and Roll
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
  • Pink Floyd: Animals
  • Traffic: Last Exit
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Cosmic Messenger
  • Steve Stills: first
  • Bob Marley: Exodus
  • Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Traffic: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Farm
  • It's A Beautiful Day: first
  • Pete Townsend: Who Came First
  • Mothers of Invention: Freak Out
  • Doors: LA Woman

Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot of Love

Hieronymus Bosch's

Hieronymus Bosch's