Saturday, December 6, 2008

Links by George Dec. 7th


Dreamtime Walkabouts Dec 17 to Jan 2


Robert Roskinds other gathering in Jamaica

MSSF Fungus Fair
December 6-7, 2008: Oakland, CA

Eureka Day, Australia Dec 3

Sea Shepherd set for anti-whaling battle

Today is the 75th anniversary of that blessed day in 1933 when
Utah became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the 21st
amendment, thereby repealing the 18th amendment. This ended the
nation's disastrous experiment with alcohol prohibition...

Shamanic Retreat updates from Ross Heaven and The Four Gates

Gnostic Media podcasts: interview with Dr.James DeMeo

The Holy Mushroom: Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity

DOPE MENACE: The Sensational World of Drug
Paperbacks 1900-1975 (new link)

Swiss to Agree Heroin Scheme but Say No to Pot

Why Switzerland decriminalised heroin - but not cannabis (opinion)

Australian Police make first seizure of DMT drug

Saving Salvia An explosion of noisy YouTube videos endangers
the sanctity of a visionary herb

The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia by Paul Devereux

Excellent psychedelic/entheogenic books reviewed

Downloadable psychedelic literature

Group Uses Marijuana As Sacrament

Yippie Museum

Poisonous Tree Frog Could Bring Wealth to Tribe in Brazilian Amazon

JOHN SINCLAIR Guide To Amsterdam

Exclusive First Listen: Neil YoungHear Sugar Mountain: Live At
Canterbury House 1968

Venosa meets fantastic realism artist Peter Gric

Latest commentary from my friend Peter Terry's ecellent
Nambassa blogspot

John Trudell - Tribes of Europe

Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Traditions of the World

KANYINI is a story told by an Aboriginal man, Bob Randall,
who lives beside the greatest monolith in the world, Uluru in
Central Australia

Professor Publishes ‘Folktales of the Amazon’

VIDEO: Machu Picchu Mummy, Gold Found

Archaeologists have discovered a lost city carved into the
Andes Mountains by the mysterious Chachap

Angkor: "Temple of Doom" - Ta Prohm

Humans 80,000 Years Older Than Previously Thought?

Using Water To Understand Human Society

Huge glaciers detected under rocky debris on Mar

Georges Brassens and the French “Renaissance of Song”

Odetta, Voice of Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 77

Woody Guthrie: A Little Recession Music, Please

Coleridge in the army

The Right Livelihood Award

My friends Salli and Gabe Butterfield are offering exotic products
at reasonable prices. Check out the article and find out more
about Gabe's website on his father, the great musician Paul Butterfield

5 Surprisingly Effective All-Natural Aphrodisiacs
(That You Probably Have in Your Kitchen)

Welcome to Orgasmic Birth

Half Past Human- Adventures in Future Viewing

Grist: behind the scenes video

Space-Based Solar Power Breakthrough

Solar car completes 1st ever round-the-world trip

The Renewable Dead: Spanish Cemetery Goes Solar

CDC and Congress Secrets Vaccine Mercury Report: Experts
Expose Lucrative American Genocide

The CDC's Vaccination Genocide-youtube talk
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Ways to Reduce Inflammation -- Without a Statin Drug

Coca-Cola's Latest Environmental Scam

China moves towards GM foods

A taste test of seven 'natural' frozen dinners

Truth and Lies in Organic Personal Care

Chickens as sin- absorbers

Bangladesh's climate refugees search for higher ground

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Students lie, cheat, steal, but say they're good

Adam Engle's clever and amusing satirical analysis of the childrens'
Christmas special, Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

Neo-Transcendentalist Time: What's The Difference Between
Neo & The Other "Matrix" Characters?

Americans Are Crazy Workaholics -- It's Time We Brought
More Balance to Our Lives


Infants and Children in Danger, Milk Desperately Needed

Mumbai Attacks: Piecing Together the Story

The Implications of the Mumbai Attacks

Mumbai Massacre Carried Out By Brits
By By Jerry Lawton, Emma Wall and Gemma Wheatley
Indian security forces said at least two of the captured terrorists were

British-born Pakistanis, while the total number could be as many as seven.

India: Please Don't Go Down the Bush- Cheney Road

Recognizing the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkey during WW1


Thai airports to reopen after PM ousted by court

Canada’s constitutional coup: A warning to the working class

Anand Gopal | Who Are the Taliban?

Pirates Chase, Fire on Cruise Ship

Venice under water for second day

Thousands Flee As Ecuador Volcano Erupts

Battle for Congo's Mineral Assets


The new edition of "Issues & Alibis!"

IDF preparing options for Iran strike

US masses naval-air-marine might in Arabian Sea opposite
India, Pakistan, Iran

Gen. Jim Jones: What Kool-Aid Will He Offer Obama?

The End of the Affair
Obama and the antiwar movement

With Gates, Obama Opts for Empire
By Matthew Rothschild
He's about running the U.S. empire-with less bravado than Bush-Cheney, but perhaps more efficiently. And he's perfectly willing to use the old hands like Gates, bloody as they are, to get that job done.

America's Child Soldiers: US Military Recruiting Children to Serve in the Armed Forces

Youth Embarrassed By US Delegation at Climate Conference

Henry Giroux: Rethinking the Promise of Critical Education

Bush Still Lies about Iraqi Inspections

Pakistani Security Consultant Calls Mumbai Attacks A “Botched” False Flag

Outside Agitator: Naomi Klein and the New New Left

James L. Jones' Energy Views Worry Some Environmentalists

Colonial style empire-building is making a comeback

Anti-Empire Report, December 1, 2008

Saving US Autos the American Way

Saving the Big 3 for You and Me ...a message from Michael Moore

Michael Moore: Save the Auto Industry and Kick Its CEOs to the Curb

US stock market plunges 680 points on signs of severe recession

Foreclosures Soar 76 Percent to Record 1.35 Million

Hope You Die Before You Get Old
By David Michael Green

Jobless Rate Soars to 6.7 Percent, 533,000 Jobs Lost

Record number of Americans using food stamps: report

Steve Jonas's excellent analysis of US energy policy and how it has been dictated by Big Oil for decades

Break the Bailout (over $17,000 could be given to everyone in the US instead of the corporations-even the corporations-even their top executives would get a fairer slice)

Economic rescue could cost $8.5 trillion

Financial crisis a distraction, says Nobel winner

Steve Fraser, Empire of Depression

Marc Ash | The Threat of Realism

Untold Story of Election 2008: The Death of the NRA

Right-Wingers and Neocons Love Obama's Cabinet Appointments

The 4 Craziest Right Wing Fears About Obama

Barack Obama's Kettle of Hawks

Sarah Palin, I'm pumped and in your corner, but you need help

The Election of Obama and the White Supremacist Threat

Corporate Media Just Won't Let the 'Clinton Drama' Zombie Die

Al Franken Closes In: New Ballots Could Reduce Margin to 13

"Midnight Laws" -- President Bush Signed 96 Decimating New Laws on Election Day

Bush's Worst Midnight Regulation Yet

Mukasey's 'Nixon Defense' of Bush

Loyal Bushie Won't Vacate Office Under Obama

An excellent deconstruction of Thanksgiving by Gary Corseri,

Kafka Has a Rival
John Pilger describes the black irony of an "open day to celebrate the 60th
anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" at the Foreign Office,
guardian of rapacious British power and policies that invert the meaning of human

New York Times Misleads on Taliban Role in Opium Trade

Financial crisis a distraction, says Nobel winner

Mossad-CIA Connection To Mumbai Terror Attacks?

Washington exploits Mumbai attack to promote “war on terror”

Homeland Security Council Planning Scenario Envisions Anthrax Attacks on Multiple Cities

Swat Team Conducts Food Raid in Rural Ohio

Flashback: U.S. Counterinsurgency Manual Leaked, Calls for False Flag Operations, Suspension of Human Rights

For JFK Assassination Conspiracy Buffs, the "Legacy of Secrecy" is a Must!

Nixon's 'Treason' and Historical Gaps

KBR Sued for Giving Soldiers Ice with 'Traces of Body Fluids and Putrefied Remains'

Psychic killers

American Left and Counterculture

The History Of The Spanish American War
And The Rise Of US Imperialism
By Michael Parenti - Audio
Michael Parenti uses the history of the Spanish American War to
answer several very intriguing questions.

The Functions of Fascism
Michael Parenti - Audio
Many of the measures enacted by fascists were frighteningly similar
to those enacted today: They include the privatization of state
owned enterprises, reduction of corporate taxes and inheritance
taxes, defeat of unions, and the suspension of civil liberties.

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Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon

John Lennon

George Harrison

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Doctor Tim

Doctor Tim
Third Eye Past Infinity

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones
Satanic Majesty's Request

Rolling Stones 2000 light years

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Uncover Art

Favorite Records./Musicians (1-50)

  • Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
  • Beatles: Sgt. Peppers
  • Beatles: White Album
  • Led Zeppelin: 1
  • Rolling Stones: Let it Bleed
  • Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
  • Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street
  • Led Zeppelin: 2
  • Beatles: Revolver
  • Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced
  • Grateful Dead: Live '72
  • Cream: Disraeli Gears
  • Beatles: Abbey Road
  • Big Brother/Janis: Cheap Thrills
  • Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
  • Jeff Beck/Rod Steward: Faith
  • Jimi Hendrix: Axis Bold As Love
  • Grateful Dead: Anthem to the Sun
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
  • Traffic: first one
  • Doors: first one
  • Rolling Stones: Satanic Majesties
  • Ten Years After: Cricklewood Green
  • Spirit: The Family That Plays Together
  • Cream: Wheels of Fire
  • Stepenwolf: first one
  • Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing at Baxters
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy
  • Greatful Dead: Aoxoxo..
  • Animals: Love Is
  • Pink Floyd: Ungamunga
  • Miles Davis: In a Silent Way
  • Tim Buckley: Blue Melody
  • Tim Leary/Jimi Hendrix: You Can Be Anyone
  • Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow
  • Doors: Soft Parade
  • Joe Cocker: first one
  • Ravi Shankar: Monterey
  • Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet
  • George Harrison: All Things Must Pass
  • Doors: Strange Days
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Weather Report: I Sing the Body Electric
  • Doors: Waiting for the Sun
  • John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
  • Grateful Dead: first
  • Zappa: Hot Rats
  • Traffic: Low Spark of High Heel Boys
  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung



Favorite Records/Musicians (50-100)

  • Tim Buckley: Greetings From LA
  • Allman Brothers: Live At the Filmore
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire
  • John Mclaughlin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Santana: first
  • Pink Floyd: BBC
  • Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
  • Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys
  • Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Sessions/Another Bitches Brew
  • Grateful Dead: (live from the 80's)
  • Crosby Stills Nash and Young: deja vu
  • Bob Dylan: Subterenean Homesick Blues
  • Tim Buckley: Happy Sad
  • Weather Report: second
  • Santana/McLauglin: Love, Devotion and Surrender
  • Bob Dylan: Hwy 61 Revisited
  • Derek and the Dominoes: Layla
  • David Crosby: If I Could Remember My Name
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge
  • Led Zeppelin: III
  • Pink Floyd: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  • Miles Davis: Live-Evil
  • Grateful Dead: live 90's
  • Beatles: Rubber Soul
  • Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain
  • Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love
  • Moody Blues: In Search of the Lost Chord
  • Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • John Mclauglin: My Goal's Beyond
  • Santana: Welcome
  • Country Joe: Electric Music
  • Pink Floyd: Pompei
  • Moody Blues: Tomorrow
  • Who: Tommy
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Jimi Hendrix: Midnight Lightning
  • Frank Zappa: Us and Them
  • Quicksilver: first one
  • Spirit: Fresh Garbage
  • Mothers of Invention: Only in it for the Money
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishman
  • Bob Dylan: Another Side Of
  • Cream: Fresh
  • Yes: first
  • Who: Live at Leeds
  • Rolling Stones: High Tides
  • Tim Buckley: Safronia
  • King Crimson: Court of Crimson King



Favorite Records/Musicians(100-150)

  • Paul Butterfield-East West
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Enigmatic Voyage
  • Miles Davis: Seven Steps
  • Shawn Philips: Faces
  • Byrds: Notorious Bird Brothers
  • Steppenwolf: Monster
  • Raphael; Music to Disapear In 2
  • Buffalo Springfield: Retrospect
  • Neil Young: first
  • Beatles: Let it Be
  • Pink Floyd: Meddle
  • Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
  • Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
  • Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
  • Gong
  • Miles Davis: Big Fun
  • Neil Young: Zuma
  • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
  • Doors: Morrison Hotel
  • Soft Machine-first
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to Home
  • Jefferson Starship: Blows Against the Empire
  • John Luc Ponty: Tales of...
  • Blind Faith
  • Neil Young: Harvest
  • Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers
  • Eric Burdon and War
  • Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons
  • Jefferson Airplane: Bless Its Pointed Little Head
  • Cream: Goodbye
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  • Who: Who's Next
  • Quicksilver: first
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young: 4 Way Street
  • Tim Buckley: Happy/Sad
  • Lauro Nyro: Christmas and the Beads of Sweat
  • Spirit: Ice
  • Shawn Phillips: Colaboration
  • Rolling Stones: Only Rock and Roll
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
  • Pink Floyd: Animals
  • Traffic: Last Exit
  • Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Jean Luc Ponty: Cosmic Messenger
  • Steve Stills: first
  • Bob Marley: Exodus
  • Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Traffic: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Farm
  • It's A Beautiful Day: first
  • Pete Townsend: Who Came First
  • Mothers of Invention: Freak Out
  • Doors: LA Woman

Grateful Dead Movie Cartoon

Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot of Love

Hieronymus Bosch's

Hieronymus Bosch's